Sunday, June 4, 2017

Navy JAGs will go to any length to climb the ladder of success, in the case of Captain Olafson, at the cost of someone’s life!!

As I write this blog, my heart goes out to the family of the late Captain Raymond Olafson, as they continue to seek justice in the case of their beloved father and husband.  May he RIP.

Last week, while reflecting on my own personal experience with the Navy’s “In-Justice” system, I had a conversation with the Editor-in-Chief of, Ret. Major, Glenn MacDonald, regarding the case against Captain Olafson.  Because the story hits too close to homerelating to how far Navy JAG officers will gowhile climbing the ladder of successit’s taken me some time to balance my emotions before I could share Captain Olafson’s horrific ordeal on my blog.

After reading his appeal, it further amplifies the emergent need to readdress the injustices within the Navy’s (in)justice system, and according to Senator Gillibrand, the military’s (in)justice system as a whole; which extends beyond the injustices endured by military rape and sexual assault victims, it’s about the unethical conduct of military lawyers!!

In the later chapters of my memoir, Broken Silence, a Military Whistleblower’s Fight for Justice, I highlight, from beginning to end, how junior JAG officers will go to any length to climb the ladder of success, in the case of Captian Olafson, at the expense of someone’s life. 

During my brief incarceration at Mira Mar Brig, the response to my clemency request to the General Court-Martial Convening Authority, Admiral Leendert Hering, Sr. was that he wishes that I “Rot in Jail.”  A few months after I was released from the brig, I was diagnosed with a blood disorder, which requires daily doses of chemotherapy medication to prevent me from having a stroke or heart attack.

In the case of Captain Olafson, I’m certain he contracted Parkinson's Disease due to the Human Rights abuse that was inflicted upon him by the Navy’s cruel injustice system, spearheaded by unjust lawyers, who put career ambitions before Truth and Justice!!

As his family continues to shed light on his unfortunate tragedy, I, along with other advocates of Justice, will continue to shed light on blatant injustices within the military’s justice system.

As a former Staff Corps officer, I upheld my fiduciary responsibility to American taxpayers while carrying out my oath of office and I expect the same for the JAG Corps community!!! 

There is no need to draw blood while “rising through the ranks,” and Captain Olafson’s case proves that not all causalities occur on the battlefield, but within the walls of the military’s injustice system.

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