Saturday, June 24, 2017

'Fat Leonard' bribery case: Navy officer is first to face military trial. The commander is accused of accepting prostitutes, travel and other gifts from Malaysian defense contractor Leonard Glenn Francis.

While Pentagon officials are initiating what will become an extensive JAGMAN-- amongst other investigations, into the USS FITZGERALD collision incident,  Fox News recently reported ongoing corruption involving senior Navy officers and Asian businessman, Leonard Glenn Francis, who is said to have bribed senior Naval officials for over 20 years.

Fox News reports, “A Navy commander could be the first officer court-martialed in the massive $35 million “Fat Leonard” bribery scandal.

The commander has been accused of accepting prostitutes, travel and other gifts from rotund Malaysian defense contractor Leonard Glenn Francis in 2012 and 2013, The Washington Post reported Monday.

The alleged gifts included four “suckling pigs,” as well as tickets to a Julio Iglesias concert and a Gucci fashion show for the officer and his wife, the paper reported.

Navy officials said the commander’s name would be made public next week at a preliminary hearing, according to the Post. He is currently assigned to the Naval Air Force Atlantic.

If the case reaches trial, it would mark the first time the Navy has court-martialed anyone in the scandal, the paper reported.

Francis has pleaded guilty to bribing scores of Navy officials in a decades-long billing scam to resupply Navy ships in Asia.

The investigation has resulted in criminal charges in federal court against 21 current and former Navy officials. Ten have pleaded guilty.

Three other Navy officials have also been charged with accepting bribes from Francis and they may also face court-martials, the Post reported.”

The Washington Post article:

Food for thought:
  There are a number of unanswered questions surrounding this ongoing corruption scandal that raises even more questions!! 

Meanwhile, in my view, the junior officers are simply a scapegoat to deflect the attention from the senior officials who put this scheme in place from day one, over 20 years ago.

What I learned as a former inspector general investigator---whistleblower, was to follow the money trail, which typically leads to the top.

Yet it baffles me that these guys are only charged with prostitution (not adultery) and travel fraud?! 

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