Friday, May 19, 2017

US Navy admiral, Robert Gilbeau, sentenced to 18 months in 'Fat Leonard' bribery scandal

Navy Times reports — Over two decades, Robert Gilbeau rose through the ranks to Navy admiral and earned a chest-full of honors for his service, including a Bronze Star and Purple Heart. During that period he also partied across Southeast Asia with a gregarious Malaysian businessman who paid for lavish dinners, drinks at karaoke bars and prostitutes. 

That businessman, known as "Fat Leonard," is the centerpiece of a massive bribery scandal involving Navy officers, and Gilbeau last year pleaded guilty to lying to investigators about their relationship. He was the first active-duty admiral convicted of a federal crime and on Wednesday he learned his penalty: 18 months in jail. 

Acting U.S. Attorney Alana W. Robinson called it a "somber day." 

"When tempted by parties and prostitutes, one of our most respected leaders chose karaoke over character, and cover-up over confession," she said. "In doing so he forever tarnished the reputation of a revered institution." 

Gilbeau acknowledged his wrongdoing in federal court in San Diego. 

He told the judge he is "deeply sorry" and cannot explain his actions. He stood in court with his fluffy white dog, which accompanies him as part of his treatment for post-traumatic stress. Gilbeau's defense had argued that his PTSD and a traumatic brain injury from a blast in Iraq should be taken into account, though prosecutors said he was exaggerating his condition because he knew he was going to get caught. 

"I never wanted to end my career this way," said the 56-year-old Navy veteran, who earned a Purple Heart and Bronze Star for his service in Iraq in 2007. "I'm still proud of my career and to be an American." 

Gilbeau wrote in a letter to the judge that "I have no one to blame but myself." 

He wrote that while his PTSD is not an excuse, it gave him a desire to "make self-destructive decisions." 

Gilbeau was convicted in June after admitting that he lied when he told federal agents that he had never received any gifts from Leonard Glenn Francis. The Navy allowed him to retire in October but reduced his rank from rear admiral to captain

Nicknamed "Fat Leonard" because of his wide girth, Francis has admitted to bribing Navy officials with more than $500,000 in cash, prostitutes, and other gifts in exchange for classified information to help his company, Glenn Defense Marine Asia. He is awaiting sentencing. 

Francis and his company that supplies food and fuel to ships overbilled the Navy by more than $34 million, prosecutors said. 
Gilbeau first met Francis in 1997 during a port visit to Bali, Indonesia, where Francis wooed Gilbeau and another U.S. Navy officer with hotel rooms, dinners and the services of prostitutes, according to investigators. 

For years, Francis footed the bill for Gilbeau's late-night partying at nightclubs and karaoke bars, fine dining, luxury hotels and paid sex in Asian countries. 

In exchange, Gilbeau signed off on Francis' company invoices that grossly overbilled the Navy, prosecutors said. 

In one instance, Gilbeau signed an invoice for the USS Nimitz that was the highest amount the Navy ever paid in the ship's history for wastewater removal. Prosecutors said evidence suggests the company kicked back $40,000 in cash to Gilbeau.

Gilbeau has denied taking cash. 

U.S. District Judge Janis L. Sammartino said Gilbeau carried out "a systematic destruction of records," after Francis was arrested in 2013 to conceal his involvement. 
"You violated the law," she said. "You dishonored your shipmates, the Navy and the United States of America." 

Twenty current and former Navy officials have been charged so far. Ten have pleaded guilty. 

Five Glenn Defense Marine Asia executives and the corporation have also pleaded guilty.

Food for thought:  It's interesting how Top Pentagon officials are engaging in corruption while briefing Congressional officials on Warfare strategies while colluding with the "enemy!!"  Anyone who steals money from taxpayers is considered an enemy in my book!! 


Anonymous said...

And all the Whistle Blowers over 20 years, who thought they would be protected, were squashed like bugs by the corrupt admiral elite. If only the Inspectors General had listened, the biggest scandal in Navy history could have been avoided.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you have hit the nail on the head with the fact that many individuals were squashed like bugs, and the admiral gets only 18 months. But what else did the investigation turn up, and where is the punishment for that? According to the investigation, the admiral liked vietnanese girls--two at a time--and I'm sure that the Navy required the admiral to complete his trafficking in persons training. Yet, there are no charges there and nothing about adultery. But, at least something was ultimelty done. You can't say the same about the corrupt Jill Vines Loftus, who has been fleecing the tax payers, was once the Deputy Navy Inspector General and refused to hear or see whistlebowers about the fleecing of America by Fat Leonard, and continues to fleece the tax payers in her position as the Navy SAPRO. Interesting article about Jill Vines Loftus and the substantiated investigation:

"The investigation only covered a random sample of 11 out of 26 trips Loftus and her staff made between 28 February 2013 and 22 November 2014, and concluded that it would be necessary to investigate all of her travel to determine if further money is owed to the government by her and her staff.

Upon obtaining the position, Loftus began extensive travel around the world, booking more expensive air travel which she then transferred accumulated air miles to her personal account. She also went above and beyond in booking hotels and rental cars, than the Defense Travel System allows.

During the investigation; INCREDULOUSLY; Loftus suggested to investigators that a complaint was filed against her in retaliation for the work that she does. Loftus told investigators their initial findings were “inflammatory, insulting, condescending and disingenuous.

She further stated, “Am I being targeted due to the sensitive nature of my mission? Have I angered someone because… I am trying to hold accountable sexual predators in an organization that is predominately male?”

Did you noticed that she used the term “SEXUAL PREDATORS?” Oooooooh, such a scary word. A typical manufactured triggering talking point from those who will fight to the death of keeping alive, the myth of the sexual assault “epidemic” in the military.

Yeah; that’s right Ms. Loftus; the military is filled with sexual predators, which forced you to gallivant around the globe in first class, five-star style to promote your message on the tax-payer dime. Oh yeah, you criminally defrauded the American taxpayer. I think I already said that, but let it sink in again.

Mind you, the results of the DoD IG report resulted in only a review of less than half of her travel. There is no information, whether the Department of the Navy has actually reviewed all of her travel. There is also no information whether or not Ms. Loftus has been sanctioned or is facing criminal charges for her fraud and theft. You can bet your ass and the bottom dollar, that if this theft and fraud were committed by someone much lower on the ranking totem pole, they would be making little rocks out of big rocks, while attired in a bright orange jumpsuit.

We have the director of the Navy’s SAPRO program; who cheated and stole from the taxpayers, gallivanting around the globe and continuing as if nothing has happened, using that most despicable and triggering term, “sexual predators.” And she is still in her job. Ho-Hum, nothing to see here, move along…

If any of you are angered about this, then call and write your elected representatives. Ask them why the corrupt and guilty Navy SAPRO Director; Jill Vines Loftus walks free while the wrongly convicted languish in custody while they and their families suffer.

I sometimes use the euphuism that the pendulum has swung completely to the other side. That euphuism is not sufficient in describing what has been happening to our falsely accused and wrongfully convicted military men and their families. The pendulum has spun around a hundred times, broken off, and the flying debris has left a Katrina-like disaster in its wake."

Anonymous said...

Anon, you shouldn't be too hard on Jill, there really are some actual sexual predators out there. The difference here is that Jill Vines Loftus, the corrupt Deputy Navy Inspector General and now SAPRO, covers-up for real sexual predators and persecutes many of the falsely accused. The Navy's Sexual Predator, William H. Weinfurtner, detailed in some of Sy'needa's posts is one of the well documented sexual predators, costing the tax payers boat-loads of cash. Very well documented yet the corrupt Jill Vines Loftus helped to cover up because the sexual complaints actually named the Secretary of the Navy. Isn't it interesting that the Secretary of the Navy is the very individual to establish Jill's current position, persecuting many innocent people and covering for the true sexual predators. I remember reading about slick Willy Weinfurtner.