Sunday, April 2, 2017

"From Her Soul, I Speak, a collection of poetry"

As a gifted poet and Spiritual Medium, I lend my energy to the Great Divine, in return, I channel and transcribe Spiritual Messages to help Heal the Soul of Humanity!! 

"From Her Soul, I Speak," is my latest release to add to my nearly 600 piece collection. When I first embarked upon my Spiritual Awakening, I asked my mom, "What's happening to me?" as poems continuously flowed from my soul. Her response was, "We were born with 99.9% Free Will and the other .1% belongs to the Universe and she (the Feminine Divine) has "tapped" into your Spirit, you have no choice but to lend your "vessel" to her, as I and your father have throughout our lifetime. Imagine, at the age of 40, learning that both of your parents are Spiritual Mediums and that you inherited both of their gifts, as well as your own!! 

So far, it's been an interesting journey, considering the world we live in, full of HATE and CHOAS!!

As I begin my next collection, which I've already written several poems since the release of "From Her Soul, I Speak," I will continue to convey to the Great Spirit all that I bear witness to in this realm and transcribe her healing messages for the betterment of preserving Humanity. As the poems "flow from my soul," I will occasionally post them to my blog and forward to my Facebook page for those of you that are interested in her messages.

 "Let No Weapon Be Formed Against Us, or Come Between Us," as more gifted Souls are Awakened to live their Purpose Driven Lives!!!" 

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