Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Rebirth takes place every second of the day when eat and absorb vital nutrients/elements to replenish your living cells to maintain your life force energy. 

Unfortunately, nearly everything you consume as "food" is laced with organ deteriorating chemicals that is scientifically designed in laboratories, to rapidly diminish your "good fighting" cells, causing you to experience "dis-ease" which is the first warning sign of on-set health problems.

And of course, medical "practitioners"  love to "practice" medicine on you, they even go to school to learn all about how chemical compounds interact with the human body, thus leading to further deteriorating of your organ cells. Yet all alchemist find the Periodic Table quite useful in our practices....

But on the brighter side...  When the body no longer have Life Force energy (Chi) it dies thus allowing Spirit Energy to welcome your Spirit into a new realm of existence; to even chose another Vessel (body) to occupy, if you please.  Thus the Cycle of Life, Rebirth!!  

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