Monday, March 13, 2017

A Personal Note.... "My Advice to Young Women considering joining the Military"

Last night, I had a heartfelt conversation with one of my sisters, she told me that her daughter, my oldest niece, is thinking about the joining the Navy, because she wants to pursue a career, “Like her Auntie.”  

She is 18 years old and is planning her future.    

It brought tears to my eyes to learn that my niece wants to endure all the pain and suffering I went through, rising through the ranks (as a double minority), from Seaman Recruit to Lt. Commander Supply Corps officer, becoming a well-seasoned one at that, which ultimately led to my demise as a Military Whistleblower.

As a longstanding advocate for justice, I believe our military is NOT READY FOR A STRONGER FIGHTING FORCE, which is what our young women will bring to the table.  

My niece is highly intelligent and like myself, “one of a kind,” and her bravery, compassion, and “Kick Ass - Take No Prisoners” attitude will be too much for the Navy’s top brass to handle, considering she will be shadowed by her auntie’s reputation. 

Several years ago, when I was involved in providing “one on one” advocacy support for senior Naval minority officers, who were victims of racial and sexual discrimination, I’d learned that a descendant of Japanese Admiral, Isoroku Yamamoto was being discriminated against, along with a group of minority officers who’d returned from “augmented” field duty in the Gulf, to discover that their former positions were occupied by civilian contractors at Balboa Naval Medical Center, who were fighting to become permanent staff employees.   

One of the key victims in this particular “high-profile” equal employment opportunity dispute was a Navy Purple Heart Recipient, former “Poster Girl” for the Navy’s minority recruitment program, and later, a retaliated whistleblower because she decided to “speak out” about her and her fellow minority colleagues’ injustices at Balboa Medical Center.  Ret. Commander Lenora Langlais is a “Fighter for Justice and Equality,” and I’m proud to call her my friend.  

Here's a link to her story.

While penning the first draft of my memoir, “Broken Silence, A Military Whistleblower’s Fight for Justice,” I'd conducted in-depth research into other methods of discrimination within the military’s ranks, expanding my scope into various professional communities; independent of my own experience. 

At the time, the “Military’s Leadership Diversity Commission" had just released its 162-page final report, "From Representation to Inclusion:  Diversity Leadership for the 21-st Century Military. 

Unfortunately, the study excluded data relating to “sexual orientation and gender transformation,” which was not at the forefront of the Pentagon’s outsourced investigation study at the time.

Looking back at my discrimination-retaliation experience, as a civilian advocate, I’m still trying to understand my personal outcome…..  “Why was I singled out to be punished for an alleged sex act, while the majority of male military personnel, reported to have committed sex crimes, continue to go unpunished? Most notably, General David Petraeus! Furthermore, the “female Marines nude photographs sex scandal" shines a key spotlight into the injustices I'd encountered during my trail.  Retaliation against a military Whistleblower has NO Limits!! 

I digress….

My advice to my niece, Don’t waste your time on the Navy and join the Marines!!”   

This country needs a stronger female and minority fighting force, throughout all branches and occupations of our Armed Forces.  As women continue to “Break Through Equality Barriers, put you Best Foot Forward!!  And Fight Like Hell, it will be worth it in the long run!! 


Anonymous said...


Unfortunately, the Dems and Feminists would rather exploit military personnel as much as they can to suit their agenda, rather than take racial inequality issues within the military head on.

Your case stands out the most because it demonstrates the illegalities within the higher ranks of the military's justice system, rather than individual behavior, carried out by sex crimes, be it rape, sexual assault or sexual harassment.

As long as there is money to be made by exploiting "rape and traumatized" victims of military sex/hate crimes, the Feminists "non-profit" sector are "all over it" as well as seeking to line their pockets even more, which is exactly what you uncovered.

We live in a cruel and evil world and I'm glad you decided to take the moral high ground, and one day soon you will get justice in your case.

BTW, I like the picture of you holding the flag, very classy. It would look great as a book cover! Thanks for taking one for the team.

Syneeda said...


I did not take one for the team! I live by the creed, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!!"