Sunday, February 12, 2017

Admiral Michael Mullen is the latest high-ranking officer to criticize Trump.

Learn reports, “Legendary Admiral Breaks Rank, Releases Warning About Trump.”

More and more generals and admirals are coming forward to warn us about Donald Trump. They recognize the danger that he poses to America.  Admiral Michael Mullen is the latest high-ranking officer to criticize Trump. He just wrote an op-ed in the New York times denouncing Trump’s decision to put Steve Bannon on the National Security Council.  Admiral Mullen is a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He served under George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Mullen has a lot of experience when it comes to national security matters. So when he talks, we should listen.

Admiral Mullen is deeply troubled by Trump’s addition of Steve Bannon to the Security Council. He believes that Bannon has no place there.

The admiral wrote, “Putting aside for a moment Mr. Bannon’s troubling public positions, which are worrisome enough, institutionalizing his attendance threatens to politicize national security decision making.” The security council is meant to discuss how best to keep the country safe, not to engage in politics.

But Trump has undermined the function of the Security Council by removing its most prominent members. Trump removed both the current chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the director of National Intelligence from regular meetings of the council.

The absence of these experts leaves a gaping hole in the council. Trump filled that hole by assigning Bannon to the council instead.

But Bannon has no national security expertise. He doesn’t have anything to contribute other than crazy conspiracy theories.

Admiral Mullen recognized this problem and wrote, “In my experience, there are very few — if any — meetings of the principal committee at which the input of the military and the intelligence community is not vital. With an increasingly belligerent Russia, tensions in the South China Sea and a smoldering Middle East, it makes little sense to minimize the participation of the professionals leading and representing these two groups.”

Trump, however, seems to think that he knows more than our generals and admirals. He continues to ignore their advice, and is putting our country in greater danger.

Food for thought.....

When one of my dear friends shared this article on his Facebook feed, I immediately had a flashback to the time I had a personal encounter with Adm. Michael Mullen, months before he was promoted to serve as the Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, under President Obama's Administration. 

In July 2007, when Mullen served as the Navy’s highest ranking officer, Chief of Naval Operations, I met him at a dinner banquet where he was a distinguished guest.  During our conversation, I tried to tell him about ongoing fraud and corruption I’d uncovered as a budget and contracting officer at Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC); that I was a whistleblower; and that I’d been retaliated against for my efforts; and that his office was in receipt of my EEO complaint.

Not only did he quickly dismiss me, he uttered… “Good Luck!” 

Last year, Senior United States District Judge for the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, Rosemary Collyer, made her final ruling on my federal Civil Action lawsuit against Secretary Raymond Mabus, citing “Whistleblower Retaliation.”  

Judge Collyer's ruling came 9 years after my initial “official” complaint, filed with the office of the Secretary of the Navy and the Navy and DoD Inspector General's office; reporting irrefutable evidence of defense contracting fraud, misappropriation of War Funds, whistleblower retaliation, racial and sexual discrimination and years of pain and suffering, along with a loss of my hard earned military retirement pension benefits.

As a former Staff Corps officer, I was trained to uphold the Constitution while obeying the orders of the President, and I was punished for doing my job.

When I sit back and absorb the negative energy from the political turmoil throughout this country and internationally; how key “military advisors” are feening for another “War Conflict,” my senses tells me that they are also planning to line their pockets in the interim!!!  
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