Monday, January 30, 2017

My latest poetry piece... "Dearest America," will be a featured poem in next poetry book.... Soon to be released...

Dearest America
© 2017  Sy’needa Penland

At the height of America’s
political and social storm,
we must stray from social norms,
to not be blinded by lies and mockery.

Blessed be unto thee
who speaks of
Truths and Liberty,
for her heart and soul,
I give my soul to thee…

Land of the Free,
Home of the Brave,
for all Americans lives
ought to be saved!

In her turbulent times,
let us strive to achieve
Peace, Love and Unity!

Yet murdered in the street,
bodies lie silent,
Spirits meek;
Now free to roam
throughout our homes.

Our spaces filled
with no faces;
Anguished voices,
Spirits cry out!

Wretched souls
Endless streets,
guiding our children
from their mothers.

Fathers, Uncles,
Brothers, lost.
Not to war or famine
but to another man’s cause.
As he feeds the desires
of his beast within.
Sins… Countless sins!!

Bodies lie dead;
Raped, maimed;
Murdered in the street.
The ultimate price
for man’s original sin!

Mere Sacrifices of War,
in the Roman Catholic’s name,
who puts itself before the
Most High, God!

Children of the Gods,
demonic you are not!
As bodies decay and rot,
your tortured souls 
bleed unto thee…

Kingdoms lost;
Ancient tombs unearthed;
Upon their re-birth,
Spirits claim the souls of thee.

Justice’s price you must pay,
on the eve of his day,
who shall redeem
the lies of thee.

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