Monday, January 2, 2017

Ex-Navy Sailor Who Refused to Honor the National Anthem Speaks Out During Recent Interview

International Business Times reports, “What Happened To Janaye Ervin: Navy Punished, Threatened And More, Ex-Sailor Says In Exclusive Interview”

Former Navy intelligence specialist Janaye Ervin still refuses to stand for the “Star Spangled Banner.”

“To be honest, I never really thought about the flag my entire life,” she told International Business Times. “I had no reason to: It’s just a flag,” she said, “and the national anthem — I don’t think I’ll be saluting it or standing for it ever again.”

Ervin was the sailor who, on reserve duty in September, refused to stand for the national anthem during “morning colors” at the Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii. She shared her protest on Facebook – a post that has since been deleted – saying she couldn’t stand for the anthem, given the treatment of African-Americans around the country. The Navy responded by threatening her with jail time, she said in the post, and the removal of her security clearance.

For the first time since the protest, Ervin gave her account of the incident and the subsequent fallout. In exclusive interviews with IBT this week, she also explained what inspired the protest.

"Petty Officer Janaye Ervin has fulfilled her obligation of enlistment and was honorably discharged from the United States Navy," a Navy Reserve Forces spokesperson said in response to an IBT request for comment.

A Navy brat whose grandfather, father and brother also served, Ervin never expected to be at odds with the brass. But her September protest made headlines across the country, apparently even drawing attention from Colin Kaepernick, the NFL quarterback whose anthem protest drew both followers and harsh critics.

Ervin accuses the Navy of threatening her career, removing her from her regular post as an intelligence specialist, revoking her security clearance and assigning her to wash and wax cars as a punishment.

She was fired from her job at Leidos, a government contractor, after someone from the Navy called her employer to say her clearance was suspended, she said. Ervin told IBT the company’s human resources department told her they didn’t have work for her without a security clearance….

When you join the US Armed Forces, you "Give Up Your Constitutional Rights," is what Petty Officer Ervin was told by a Navy Chief Petty Officer, who initially threatened to punish her when she refused to honor the National Anthem.”

Full Article:

This is exactly what happened to me when I challenged the unlawful actions of my former Navy superiors. I was told by my former boss told me that “He doesn’t give a damn about my Constitutional Rights,” his remarks were made in the presence of the command’s Judge Advocate General, (then) LCDR Mei Ling Marshall, who helped spearhead my later courts-martial trial on specious grounds of adultery.   

In the later chapters of my memoir, Broken Silence, a Military Whistleblower’s Fight for Justice, I provide exclusive details surrounding the events that led to my abrupt departure from the Navy, as well as threats to revoke my my security clearance.

When I last served on active duty as a former budget officer, for almost a year, I was forced to work in an extremely hostile working environment and each time I challenged the criminal actions of my superiors who were unlawfully engaging in defense contracting fraud and other corrupted activity surrounding misappropriation of Congressional mandated war funds, I was retaliated against in the worse way, subsequently landing me in prison, thus causing me to suffer egregious Human Rights violations because I continued to challenge their unlawful actions and ongoing retaliation.

In April of last year, a senior federal judge made her final ruling on my Civil Action lawsuit against Navy Secretary, Raymond Mabus, citing Whistleblower Retaliation.  The Navy’s only excuse for violating my Civil Rights was that they (senior members of the JAG community) “misinterpreted” the Military Whistleblower Protection Act.  Really?!  Go figure!!

Because this young lady decided to stand her ground, for standing up to a Navy Chief, she was severely punished.  Although I don’t condone any disrespect towards our country’s traditions, especially if it is mandated by federal law which requires members of the Armed Forces to comply, I don’t condone lying to service members either!!   

During my Civil Action case, I learned that the District Court of Columbia does have jurisdiction over the military, to ensure the Constitutional Rights of service members are protected.  This key information is kept from our service members who are being abused by their superiors on a daily basis.  If more service members would file a petition with our federal courts system each time their Constitutional Rights are violated, it would force their superiors to honor their oaths of office.  

She is absolutely correct!!  There are thousands that are serving on active duty, collecting a paycheck, while turning a blind eye to injustice!!  

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