Friday, December 23, 2016

Project on Government Oversight (POGO), Exposing Corruption, Exploring Solutions...

Since the release of my memoir, Broken Silence, a Military Whistleblower’s Fight for Justice, I decided to lessen my efforts on “blowing the whistle” on fraudulent government spending.  My concerns for exposing military corruption were drowned out by the political circus surrounding Donald Trump’s and Hillary Clinton’s bid for the US, presidency seat.  Wow, what a joke!  Talk about exposing corruption on all fronts, especially at high levels within our Justice System.  I digress…

When I decided to blow the whistle on military corruption, I was unaware of organizations like Project on Government Oversight (POGO), whose motto is, “Exposing Corruption, Exploring Solutions!!”  Had I put my trust in POGO, instead of the Justice Department Anti-Trust Division, my “military retirement” experience would’ve been different.  It’s not easy going up against the powers of the US Military alone when all you have is faith and truth on your side.  My friends constantly remind me that I’m lucky to be alive.    

When I decided to put my life and career on the line, as a senior Navy budget officer, I reached out to the Department of Justice, Anti-Trust Division, via a Qui Tam petition, in early 2009, providing concrete evidence of military-defense contracting fraud.  Unbeknownst to me at the time is that the DoJ provides legal representation for senior military superiors so my complaints landed on deaf ears and over the years I’ve become a targeted whistleblower. 

Within weeks of discovering I’d reported their fraudulent actions outside the military’s chain of command; my superiors ordered that I be discharged, within a few months of my 20-year retirement eligibility. When I received my discharge notification, I was undergoing extensive chemotherapy treatment at Balboa, San Diego Medical Center, as a result of ongoing Civil Rights violations and subsequent Human Rights violations.

My superiors’ blatant retaliation against me started in early 2006, immediately upon my arrival to the subordinate staff within the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command, Enterprise (NECC), as a result of my bold efforts in exposing credit-card fraud, defense contracting fraud, illegal building projects, revolving door practices, contract bid-rigging and more. In the later chapters of my memoir, Broken Silence, I highlight details of my gruesome experience as well as the evidence I uncovered throughout the course of my investigation, which continued long after my discharge.

So far the only remedy I’ve received from their human rights abuse against me, is a favorable ruling in my Civil Action lawsuit against the Navy’s Secretary, Raymond Mabus, citing Whistleblower Retaliation.  Judge Rosemary Collyer remanded my case back to the Navy for further adjudication of my retirement and pension benefits.   So far, the Navy has failed to adhere to the Judge's orders. 

Over the past year, I’ve dealt with personal setbacks due to my grandmother’s sudden illness and her recent passing.  When I received this letter from Danielle Brian, it made me feel that my Fight for Justice was worth it!!    

Danielle and her team of investigators are not afraid to take on the tough issues and they strongly believe in a transparent government, by holding our government officials accountable, as well as their personnel and the people they do business with!   

POGO's efforts in exposing the weaknesses within the Pentagon’s credit card program is one of my top concerns.  Credit card fraud was one of my chief complaints in my whistleblower claims.  Yet as you can see, this is a systemic problem that Congress continues to turn a blind eye thus encouraging fraudulent spending, instead of ending wasted military spending.

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