Saturday, December 31, 2016

My Final Poem for this Year, Happy New Year

Happy New Year
© Sy’needa Penland

My final poem for this year
comes to you with love and cheer.
Although this year may not have been the best,
many events took place that we will regret,
and it’s been a year that we won’t forget.

I for one have borne the pain.
The stain it left me, and you as well,
is one that I will no longer dwell.
For misery loves company,
which is what this year
will always mean to me.

For on Election Day
my grandmother passed away,
while others celebrated this day
in their special way.

As we close out this year with a kiss,
let us spread love to those we will truly miss.
For 2017 will soon begin,
let’s welcome in the new, as old habits end.

May we welcome Peace and Love 
back into our hearts;
as the Heavenly Universe
forever bond Us with her loving heart!!

 May God Bless You and Yours, Happy New Year!! 

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