Tuesday, November 15, 2016

GEN David Haight get slap-on-wrist!! Pentagon pals pushed for "LOVER-BOY" to retire without reduction in grade, swinger at sex club near Carlisle Barracks and former Head of Operations at U.S. European Command, benefits from the "Different Spanks for Different Ranks" UNWRITTEN RULE - Militarycorruption.com WARNED THIS COULD HAPPEN MONTHS AGO!!!

Militarycorruption.com reports,

Why are we not surprised?

MilitaryCorruption.com warned earlier this year that Pentagon pals of sex-club swinger, GEN David Haight, might try and get the married "family man" out the backdoor to retirement at his present rank of two stars. We asked in print back then: "Is this another case of different spanks for different ranks?" Apparently so.

A well-informed source tells us the former head of Operations at the U.S. European Command, whom we exposed as a sex-crazed general on these pages several months ago, won't suffer any reduction In rank. "A determination board has convened and Haight is not getting reduced in rank." a C.I. says. The flag officer is retiring in grade as a major general despite his misconduct with a blonde 40-something female DOD worker.


Whatever happened to the regulation whereby a soldier only retires in the last grade "satisfactorily" served in? Haight, who couldn't keep his abundant appendage in his pants, could have been black-mailed by his ex-gal pal or one of the swingers at a sex club he frequented near Carlisle Barracks, Pa.

If an Army first sergeant or company-grade officer had been nailed in similar circumstances, you don't have to be psychic to know that he'd be hammered hard, lose his pension and be kicked out of the military. But the old double-standard prevails, at least for now.

Retired LT GEN Michael Flynn has the complete confidence of President-elect Donald Trump. The highly-respected flag officer, a native of Rhode island, knows where all the bodies are buried. Obama suck-ups and Bergdahl apologists need to put in their papers before January 20, 2017, or be flushed down the toilet where they belong.


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