Friday, November 11, 2016

As a former Naval Officer who was raked over the coals during my last tour of duty, being sexually exploited in the worse possible way by my military superiors, the last thing I would support is a "First Lady" who once enjoyed sexual exploitation and a husband who made a living sexually exploiting young women, along with being an accused child rapist, serving as our Commander in Chief and First Lady!!


Anonymous said...

Sy, The Navy did more than rake you over the coals, they wanted to destroy you and your career. I've followed your case from day one, when you made your first plea to Secretary Mabus via an injunction, identifying the severe human rights abuse you encountered. You eloquently gave a more detailed description of your ordeal in your memoir and I'm proud that you are a brave survivor that lived to tell herstory.

You were so close to your 20 year retirement eligibility that you could have coasted to the finish line.

Yet I must admit that you are hitting well below the belt with this one but I guess this is what you do, "Tell the Truth even if it hurts."

Trump cannot escape his past indiscretions if he wants to fully earn the respect of All Americans!! This goes for his entire family. This is not a reality TV show, this is America's reality. Meanwhile, I hope the Republican Party doesn't have something else in store for his fate. Stranger things have happened to previous Presidents like Kennedy and Reagan. May God Bless America.

Anonymous said...

You were definetly screwed over for sexually explotation, being that it is very common now a days , that women freely and openly display themeselves proudly, and not being or feeling shameful of the female body. The military used old outdated values to try and destroy , embarass and shame you. however you are neither of these. You are a proud and mentally strong individual. Now with the first lady being naked and unashamed of the female body and, her decision to be liberally and sexually free. Will psychologically send a very strong message to future female leaders ,to not feel pigeonholed,to the rigid status que of female mental subjagation ,of feeling insecure. Because her open mindedness has put her into a position of power. Ancient cultures belived that the female body not only hypnotised males, but cause men to become creative thinkers and also life creaters. which possibly lead to Matriarical Socities. Now it was used in your case ,strategically, as a major distraction from the truth of illegal corruption. I'm not saying that women should use there bodys as a way manipulate a weakness in men as "like cryptonite is to superman" but be aware of the feminie energy. Not all men will fall prey to the alluring sight and captivation of this energy. but alot of men will. I'm happy and glad the Supreme court judge seen though the facade of "sex ,lies and video tapes". and ruled in your favor. And also that your whistlblower status should have been acknoeledge and granted . Hopefully u will recieve your retirement and justice will be upheld in your case

Syneeda said...

Anon, Our society will rather use sexual exploitation to guide the minds of our younger generation and I believe our government officials should be held to higher standards, especially if they are to serve as role models.