Sunday, October 30, 2016

This is one of the most powerful-inspiring poems ever... It represents Truth, Strength, and Black Man's Divine connection to the Most High!

I Am He
© A. B. Boyd and Sy’needa Penland

For I Am He,
filled with love
and perfect harmony.

I Am He,
coated with
unlimited potentiality.

I was there
at the inception of time,
created by my thoughts
illuminated by my mind.

Yes, I Am He
who carries infinite power
in my blood.
My thoughts alone
caused the great flood.

For I Am He
who has melanin in my skin,
which solidifies my right
to be called kin
of the Most High,
The Divine Light,
The Morning Star,
The Evening Light.

As it is above,
So it is below,
upon which my blessings
are bestowed.

For I Am He,
who is a Proud Black Man!
The Husband of Mother Earth,
The Protector of her land!

I stand tall in my Blackness,
I stand tall in my Greatness,
I stand tall in that of the I Am!
For I Am, He


Anonymous said...

Great collaboration Sy, I'm looking forward to the release of your next collection. I just finished Coming Full Circle and I was impressed with your proverbs at the end. Totally unexpected. You are truly a gift from the Gods ;)

Anonymous said...

this is too deep for black people to understand the real truth within it.To the average person it sounds like"I'm black and im proud poem , but it really has a deep or heavy information within it

Syneeda said...

Anon #1, Thanks. I'm glad you are impressed with my work, and yes, I truly feel blessed to finally have an opportunity to explore my natural gifts since my military life is far behind me. Lately, I've been averaging over a dozen poems a week and my next collection is almost complete.

Anon #2, This is definitely not a poem of arrogance, hence, "I'm Black and I'm Proud." It's a poem Truth and enlightenment. One day soon the Soul of the Black man will rise up and the Divine Spirit will embrace him with Love and Compassion, until then...