Friday, October 28, 2016

Maya Angelou - From Silence of Rape to Voice of Compassion

Last week I wrote and recorded one of the most powerful poems ever and it strikes through to the core of one of the world's most sensitive topics, the “Culture of Rape!”

The poem was initially inspired by the allegations brought forward against Donald Trump and how the Democrats are using such a sensitive issue to broadcast all over the news networks, while having absolutely ZERO sympathy for the victims/survivors!!   

For the record, “I Do Not Support Donald Trump,” I simply support Humanity!!

In my view, such issues, involving rape, sexual assault, and sexual discrimination are best resolved with a Human Rights Bill, simply put.   Unfortunately, our current laws only offer us Civil Rights protection which are never taken seriously, especially in our homes, college campuses, in the military and other workplaces.

I have friends and loved ones who have been raped. One of my dearest friend's 11-year old daughter was recently molested by her best friend, another 11-year old little girl. Apparently, the child's mother is a lesbian who lives with her lover. The little girl told her BFF (my friend's daughter) that she's also a lesbian and wanted to “show her” how her mom performs "sexual relations" with her partner.  Luckily her father (my friend) walked in before it went too far, but he feels that his daughter's innocence has been taken away!!  When he told me the story, I cried and was angry at the same time.  Instead of venting my contempt for his daughter’s BFF’s behavior, I took to the mic!   

Although it’s considered “taboo” to talk about same-sex rape, I address this dark secret within the Rape Culture in my poem…

Of course, I will dedicate the poem, like with all of my poetry books, to my idol, my mentor and my Spirit Guide, Maya Angelou!  May your voice continue to speak life into Humanity!!!  <3 <3 <3  

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