Tuesday, September 20, 2016

So why is President Obama leaving these issues to be resolved by the next President?! Police brutality against Black Americans and other injustices?!! Wow, talk about a disgrace to the black race!!

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Anonymous said...

Syneeda, The way I see it, he agreed to sign-off on Hillary's aged old “health-care” reform bill, while she agreed to sign-off on his "criminal justice" reform bill. I'm sure the string of recent violent events in America has provided the perfect narrative for the Democratic party to attack the gun laws once more. Yet the Dallas incident was surely linked to the Republican Party, Bushes’ old stumping grounds!!

When Obama cut federal funding to the military and state law enforcement, certain officials called in old favors; igniting a string of corruption within the Armed Forces, state militia and law enforcement agencies. It’s no secret on Capitol Hill that any “public crisis” that poses a threat to America’s national security means more funding to the State and their public service agencies, or special operation units.

It's sad to imagine that your own government agencies will orchestrate key crisis events to keep American citizens on heightened alert during America’s most crucial election year.

There a dozens of bills introduced to the floor every day, dirty politicians selling out their own state constituents, just to get a larger piece of the American pie. This year’s election is one of the most embarrassing political elections ever in US history, similar to the Nixon Era. Yet I wonder the impact on the next Senate Race.

I'm sure Obama will surely maintain close ties to the White House after his term is up. He was fiery about protecting his legacy!!