Wednesday, September 14, 2016

John Kerry's State Dept Funnels nearly $9 million to his Daughter's nonprofit foundation, through the Peace Corps

I've known John Kerry was corrupted for a number of years and I'm glad his corruption is coming to light!! 

This reminds me of when I served as a former Navy budget officer, uncovering mounds of evidence, involving senior active duty and retired officers' - serving in combat expeditionary warfare roles and CNO program managers, funneling money to their buddies' who owned and operated defense contracting companies; awarded millions to serve as "defense consultant advisors", advising their buddies at the Pentagon to steer contracts their way!!  In return, they were rewarded  with a lucrative post military consultant position.  

Yet when I reported thousands of documents, containing irrefutable evidence to the Department of Justice Anti-trust division, initially reported in June 2009, the Navy's response to my whistleblower action was a general discharge without, my hard-earned pension benefits!!    

After filing a Civil Action lawsuit against Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, on the merit of Racial and Sexual Discrimination along with Whistleblower Retaliation, in mid-April, Senior US District Judge, Rosemary Collyer, cited the Navy violated my whistleblower protection when they sought to punish me for initially reporting their corrupt actions to the Navy IG in early 2007.   Meanwhile, after her decision, the Navy refuses to instate my pension benefits!!  

Meanwhile, more senior white officers are committing adultery, raping and molesting our young women and are retiring with their pension benefits in tact, along with landing lucrative consultant positions at some of the top defense industry firms.  

I'm not sure to call their blatant Retaliation against me, Racist or Sexist.....   Given the rise in racial and gender disparity throughout our country!! 

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