Thursday, September 1, 2016

I'm getting closer to wrapping up my next poetry book, this particular piece was inspired by the controversy behind the movie, "Birth of a Nation." In the end, when all the dust of hate settles, we will soon realize that we are all children of GOD.

Birth of a Nation, Legacies of Life
©  2016, Sy’needa Penland

When God decided to give birth me to,
She said, “Close your eyes and count to 3,”
1 - 2 – 3, she gave birth to me,
a token of life from Her Majesty.

Within her womb I laid at rest,
as she prepared me to do my best,
9 months later is when I came,
anointing my Spirit in her Holy name.

Out of darkness I saw the light,
giving birth to a nation, this very night,
to plant seeds of Glory to tell her story,
Legacies of life, to God be the Glory!

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