Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I must admit, this video is well worth watching; especially after having served in the Navy for nearly 20 years as an “Order-Follower,” as Mark puts it.

 A large majority of our population may consider the roles of military and law enforcement officials “patriotic,” but other individuals like Mark Passio consider their actions to be that of an Evil and Cult like behavior….  After listening to his presentation, I welcome you to be the Judge!!

Mid-way through this video, I had a Come to Jesus moment and was guided to the following passage from the Old Testament, seeking a better understanding of certain "immoral issues" that are impacting and destroying the moral fabric our society,

Jeremiah 12:1

Righteous are You, O LORD, that I would plead my case with You; Indeed I would discuss matters of justice with You: Why has the way of the wicked prospered? Why are all those who deal in treachery at ease?

My thoughts on this particular passage is that maybe, those who deal in treachery are at ease, simply because they have constructed a fiefdom that allows them to pass the torch of Evil onto other Evil doers to carry out their Evil deeds in an effort to maintain power and control over other human beings.

“Unless thy heart is pure, thy mind is not, for that is the way of the wicked.  The two shall serve as one,” which is my daily mantra!!

I’m not perfect and I’ve never professed to be but when it comes to caring about the livelihood of otherspreserving humanity on a global scale, and doing what is right, above all else, I would rather take the moral high-ground, rather than follow orders to carry out Evil!!  Plain and Simple!!

Having served nearly 20 years in the Navy, I must agree with Mark’s notion that “Some people are indeed born morally corrupted and some join the ranks of our law enforcement and Armed Forces to have a “legal right” to harm others, be it in the streets of America's inner cities, on the battlefield in foreign countries, or in the private living quarters of military barracks.    The mere rise in the military’s sexual assault and rape epidemic is more than enough reason to institute criminal justice reform throughout all branches of our Armed Forces.   And the ongoing police brutality against people of color is enough justification to institute criminal justice reform within our law enforcement agencies.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere, were amongst the most compassionate thoughts of the late Dr. King!!    And they are words to live by in today’s society where the future of our younger generation is a stake!!

When I last served in the Navy as a former budget officer, my morality was tested once more and I chose to walk along the side of righteousness.  From day one, I always stood up for others and was often blackballed for my actions, which was always questioning the “authority” of the so-called “authority.”   My typical job assignments were in plans and policy making, serving on the staffs of some of the Navy's most senior headquarters commands, and a few shipboard logistic assignments. 

Imagine being a righteous person and double minority serving in one of the most racists organizations within of our Armed Forces, who publicly profess Equality and Diversity for minorities, but secretly condone mistreatment and violence against women and men alike. Especially against those who speak out about military injustice and corruption.  

After blowing the whistle on defense contracting fraud, misappropriation of war funds and other forms of systemic corruption;   I was punished!!  Scared with the Scarlet Letter!!   And later banished from the military’s “Cult, as Mark puts it!!  

Looking back on each decision I made throughout the initial reporting and prolonged investigation process (even to this very day), I always followed my ‘heart and mind’ to do what is right, for the purpose of preserving the integrity of our country as well as humanity as a whole, in despite of enduring non-stop bullying, harassment (from day one), discrimination, exposure to extremely hostile working conditions and years of ongoing retaliation and subsequent human rights abuse.    The military is a self-governing system that applies law as senior officials sees fit!!

Over the past decade, thousands of military disabled Veterans, including myself, have come forward to speak out about encountering Civil and Human Rights abuse while serving throughout all branches of our Armed Forces.   Our issues have been brought before the United Nations, meanwhile, they remain a low priority for President Obama’s administration.

Reflecting back on President Kennedy's and Johnson’s Administration,  during one of America's most violent civil unrest periods, they both had a “Come to Jesus Moment” and President Johnson signed off on the Civil Rights Act and other Amendments that followed, for the sake of moving America forward toward achieving Equality and Diversity, not destroying it!! 

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