Saturday, August 20, 2016

My latest poetry piece, "Universe I Am," inspired by Dr. Maya Angelou's legacy, that taught us to Liberate our Souls and Embrace our Freedom!!

Universe I Am
©  2016  Sy’needa Penland

Voices cry out,
Wretched slaves,
Dismal swamps of the Bayous;
Carolina’s children
Risen from their
Watery grave,
From the alligators mouths,
Born from a slave,
Their lives you gave to me.

Children of the Corn
Hear their cries,
Loss souls never die.
Great Mother Spirit
Hear their cries,
Rescue loss souls from Thee.

Misery – how she loves your company,
Bodies, reminiscence of her somber tales,
Over the campfire, tales of tales,
Spoken into the air of my soul at night;

Words spoken to sooth my cry
As I rescue loss from their pain.
Crystal rain, pour down on me,
Cleanse my soul of grief!

Beneath your veil
My heart stands still,
Silence by your rain,
My fire burns out.

Spoken words… I scream!
Spoken words… I shout!
Mother Universe hear our cries!

Spoken are my words,
Rhythmic cadence of energy.

Universe I Am!

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