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Interesting insight from Dick Gregory, Conspiracy Theory or NOT, "You be the Judge!"

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JFK + Executive Order 11110 = Assassination

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

USA Today reports details of how, Army Major General David Haight double life of "Swinging and Adulterous Affairs," cost him his career...

 Army Maj. Gen. David Haight, Army Ranger, decorated combat veteran and family man, held a key post in Europe this spring and a future with three, maybe four stars.
He also led a double life: an 11-year affair and a “swinger lifestyle” of swapping sexual partners that put him at risk of blackmail and espionage, according to interviews and documents.  Jennifer Armstrong, 49, a government employee, said she and Haight had been involved in the torrid love affair that began more than 10 years ago in Baghdad and ended this spring.
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Food for thought:
Since my adultery conviction in 2008, I'm deeply saddened that the Navy continues to deny me fair and equal justice, which is my hard-earned pension, especially after more and more senior ranking officers are coming under fire for Adultery and Swinging!!

Several years ago, I was contacted by someone who identified herself as being a mistress of Navy JAG officer, Kevin Messer, who prosecuted my adultery case. She was upset that he'd cheated on her with another woman during his unaccompanied assignment in DC. According to his mistress, he was also cheating on his wife while he was prosecuting my case, yet I remain the only "SINGLE" military officer to be sentenced to serve time in prison, fined and discharged from the Navy, 5 months shy of earning my retirement pension.

With so much disparity within our military ranks, systemic sexual assault, harassment and of course rape, the attitude of our top brass is to ignore these problems, meanwhile, families are being broken apart because this type of behavior is permissible.

Over the years, I've accepted the fact that I was punished for being a whistleblower because I uncovered a string of corruption involving corrupted officers and defense contractors, which seems to be the military's norm nowadays, but to allow our top leaders to go unpunished for "Sex Crimes" is a disgrace to the very uniform they wear!!!

Former Fox News on-air personality, Andrea Tantaros, recently filed a sexual-harassment lawsuit against Fox News and CEO Roger Ailes, alleging that the network’s executives actively retaliated against her, after she repeatedly complained about inappropriate conduct in the workplace.

I've truly had to humble myself before deciding to comment on this particular "Sexual Harassment issue."  

Unlike Andrea Tantaros, victims of military sexual assault, rape, discrimination, and other blatant Civil and subsequent Human Rights crimes cannot file a lawsuit and demand millions from the Pentagon.    Instead, we are forced to rely on the snail pace of Congress, and President Obama's administration to enact and enforce better legislation to preserve the Constitutional Rights of military personnel,  as it relates to Civil and Human Rights protection.

Statistics have shown, for decades, military personnel have encountered  various degrees of Civil and Human rights violations, from rape to sexual assault, sexual harassment and of course, racial discrimination and retaliation, which was sadly my case.

But I must agree with Andrea, there is a certain misogynistic culture that exists in the Fox News "Good old Boys club.”  I experienced it first hand when I invited a local Fox 5 News reporter to my house, in May.  This came several weeks after I’d received the final outcome of my 3-year old Civil Action case against the Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, initially filed on the grounds of Sexual and Racial Discrimination and Whistleblower Retaliation.

I reached out to the reporter nearly 4 years ago, after being introduced to him by a friend.  I was also impressed by his in-depth coverage of a FBI sting investigation involving an Army defense contractor, committing fraud against the government.  

I’d promise the Fox News reporter an in-depth interview after the publication of my memoir, 'Broken Silence, a Military Whistleblower’s Fight for Justice,’ and upon receipt of the final outcome of my Civil Action case.  In  mid-April, Judge Collyer made her final ruling, citing whistleblower retaliation, remanding my case to the Navy for final adjudication on my pension benefits.

When the Fox reporter and his producer friend (the cameraman) arrived at my house, they seemed to have one thing in mind, “seeing nude photographs.” Within the first 5 minutes of the interview, the Fox reporter brashly dismissed any discussion about military veterans’ sexual harassment and other "sex crimes," his tone and sentiments were much like Andrea’s. 

After being raked over the coals for nearly 2-hours, he justified his aggressiveness, harsh interrogation tactics  and insistence on seeing "nude photos" by stating, “I have to give the Network Executives exactly what they want!!”   When I called the Fox News director to share with him my horrific experience, he also inquired whether or not I'd shown the reporter nude photographs.  Wow, talk about “preying on disabled military veterans.” 

The reporter was fully aware that I’m a disabled veteran who suffers from PTSD and the experience has since caused a major relapse in my therapy recovery treatment.

Fox News obviously doesn’t care about sex crimes committed against military veterans’ but would rather exploit our issues for ratings.     Instead of being a part of the problem, be part of the solution...


Saturday, August 20, 2016

My latest poetry piece, "Universe I Am," inspired by Dr. Maya Angelou's legacy, that taught us to Liberate our Souls and Embrace our Freedom!!

Universe I Am
©  2016  Sy’needa Penland

Voices cry out,
Wretched slaves,
Dismal swamps of the Bayous;
Carolina’s children
Risen from their
Watery grave,
From the alligators mouths,
Born from a slave,
Their lives you gave to me.

Children of the Corn
Hear their cries,
Loss souls never die.
Great Mother Spirit
Hear their cries,
Rescue loss souls from Thee.

Misery – how she loves your company,
Bodies, reminiscence of her somber tales,
Over the campfire, tales of tales,
Spoken into the air of my soul at night;

Words spoken to sooth my cry
As I rescue loss from their pain.
Crystal rain, pour down on me,
Cleanse my soul of grief!

Beneath your veil
My heart stands still,
Silence by your rain,
My fire burns out.

Spoken words… I scream!
Spoken words… I shout!
Mother Universe hear our cries!

Spoken are my words,
Rhythmic cadence of energy.

Universe I Am!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

"It looks like our tenured law professors are beginning to challenge "Adultery, Infidelity and the Law." recently reported, "In Adultery, Infidelity and the Law, Stanford law professor Deborah L. Rhode argues that the US should remove civil and criminal penalties for adultery. Rhode cites the infrequency and inconsistency with which current laws on the matter are enforced.
Moreover, she argues that these penalties are out of tune with current social values. She cites a “fundamental ambivalence” that is reflected in the presence of such laws. While society generally disapproves of marital infidelity, support for laws that enforce criminal penalties has decreased. She notes that many remained surprised by these laws, a matter that speaks, she writes, to the outmoded nature of such legal strictures. She adds, “Marriage as an instruction is worthy of public respect” while “criminalizing extramarital affairs is not the best way of supporting it.”

Food for thought:  I was truly surprised to learn that Professor Rhode cited my case in her new book, "Adultery, Infidelity and the Law," the timing of her book release was interesting...

Needless to say, this remains an issue in our military and so does "selective prosecution" of our military members (or lackthereof) who are married and commit adultery.     Every foreign port I've visited are lined with brothels and bars to accommodate our Servicemembers. Honestly to them, it's a major perk for military service. 

Yet I still remain the only Single person to be prosecuted in such a manner and sentenced to serve time in prison and stripped of my pension for a crime I didn't commit!  Talk about double standards.   The rules needs to be standard across the board and I'm sure the married officers will be relieved when the laws change in their favor!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Refuses to Buckle to Threats from Congress to Trim the "Fat" from the Senior Ranks reports, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford pushed back Friday at critics who think there are too many people like him -- generals and admirals -- taking up space in a downsizing military.

"No, right now it is not my sense that we have too many general officers," Dunford said in a wide-ranging interview with Breaking Defense.

Proposals in Congress to cut the number of general and flag officers are part of what's holding up passage of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017.

The White House recently cited a plan by Sen. John McCain, an Arizona Republican and chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, to cut the number of generals and admirals by 25 percent as one reason for a threatened veto.

Dunford appeared open to working out a compromise with McCain and others on the size of the general officer corps in coming years, while maintaining that the current number of generals and admirals was not excessive.

"We're still working with both the Senate Armed Services and House Armed Services Committees to come up with a proposal that meets their requirements for reform, right-sizes the force to include our general officer population, and at the same time allows us to maintain military effectiveness," Dunford said in the interview.

"So we're going to go back and look at this issue, and work with Senator McCain and others to make sure we get it right," Dunford said of the dispute over how many generals and admirals the military actually needs, which dates back to World War II.

For that war, there were about 2,000 generals and admirals overseeing 12.2 million military personnel by 1945, according to the National World War II Museum. Now there are more than 900 generals and admirals for an active-duty force of about 1.3 million.

As of June this year, there were 418 one stars, 315 two stars, 136 three stars, and 37 four-star active generals and admirals -- or a total of 906, according to Pentagon personnel statistics.

In May, the Senate Armed Services Committee charged that the military was becoming top heavy with high-ranking officers and proposed cutting 222 of the 886 generals and admirals, or about 25 percent.

The committee recommended that the number of four-star billets be reduced from the authorized 41 to 27. Under the proposal, four-star officers would be limited to the chairman, vice chairman and other members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, including the head of the National Guard Bureau.

Four-star rank under the committee's proposal would also go to combatant commanders; the commander of U.S. Forces-Korea; one additional billet the president could nominate as a four-star joint command (such as the current mission in Afghanistan); and three four-star billets each for the Army, Navy and Air Force, to be filled as they choose.

"Over the past 30 years, the end-strength of the joint force has decreased 38 percent, but the ratio of four-star officers to the overall force has increased by 65 percent," the committee said.

"Especially at a time of constrained defense budgets, the military services must right-size their officer corps and shift as many personnel as possible from staff functions to operational and other vital roles."

Defense secretaries in both Republican and Democratic administrations periodically call for reducing the ranks of the general officer corps, but their efforts have had minimal impact.

Full article:

Food for thought:
The quickest and best way to trim the Pentagon’s “Fat Cats” is to hold them accountable for their numerous crimes involving war profiteering and Civil and Human Right Abuse.  There are thousands of military veterans who have filed medical compensation claims with the Department of Veterans Affairs, providing irrefutable evidence of negligence on behalf of the Pentagon’s top brass, ignoring federal laws governing Civil Rights protection, as amended. As it relates to equal employment opportunity, providing a "hassle free" workplace, whistleblower protection and most importantly, fair and equal justice.  

The military's systematic rape and sexual assault epidemic is proof that the top brass clearly doesn't have a handle on this issue, which will never die until Congress establishes a separate agency to police those that are tasked to police the world.

As far as war profiteering…

In my memoir, “Broken Silence, a Military Whistleblower’s Fight for Justice,” I highlight how revolving door practices, defense contract bid rigging, sole sourcing and other forms of corruption have trickled down to the captain and commander ranks.  

When I refused to go along with the Big Boys’ corruption schemes as a former budget officer, I became a targeted whistleblower and was punished for stepping off the reservation.  Their punishment became cruel and excessive after my former bosses became aware that I’d contacted the Department of Justice Anti-Trust division, reporting evidence of corruption that was ignored by senior Navy and DoD IG investigators, yet my Qui Tam case remains a mute issue, presumably because of the Pentagon’s far reach!!

I recently learned from a fellow whistleblower that the Navy’s 7th Fleet Commander and his ‘Band of Morally Corrupted Brothers,’ plotted to take down Singapore’s “Fat Cat”, Leonard Glenn Francis, to assume operations as civilian defense contractors, so they can monopolize the logistics support to that region  in the same manner.  They’ve already convinced Congress to relocate a large number of Navy assets to the Pacific Coast and approved additional shipbuilding contracts.  Wow is all I can say!!  I guess they learned from the best… Congress!!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Missing Maya Angelou

Before Maya passed away, I mailed her a copy of my first poetry book, "Essence of Black Beauty," to thank her for her words of wisdom that guided me through my darkest days while serving in the Navy. Her words were like a cadence, beating the way to freedom. It was her legacy that gave me the courage to nourish my own gift for writing poetry and I've since written almost 500 pieces and will be releasing and promoting my full collection this fall. I've learned while healing from my traumatic military experience that scribing poetry, meditative Chakra Spiritual dance and creative art is my best medicine!! Each of them teaches me to flow with the energy and healing power of LOVE!!

Friday, August 12, 2016

As the Pentagon implements sweeping changes to the face of the military, four veteran Representatives have something to say, according to the Washington Post...

Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.)

Rep. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.) 

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa)

 Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii)

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Food for thought:
In the wake of ongoing Congressional debates over the safety and (lack of) civil rights protection of active duty military service members, who are forced to work alongside “unregistered” military sex offenders (males and females alike), representatives from Illinois, Arizona, Iowa and Hawaii, are speaking out about the ongoing progress of our “hard-charging” military women who have broken through barriers to finally serve in combat related roles, gaining a more competitive edge against their male counterparts.   

Meanwhile, as the ‘sisters-in-arms' voices remain silent regarding female military sex offenders, I pray that ongoing Civil and Human Rights abuse against our young service members find some immediate resolve by the sitting Commander in Chief, President Barack Obama.

Having served under his command when he was first elected,  in 2008, I endured blatant workplace abuse after being targeted by senior Pentagon officials when I initially attempted to report crimes of Civil Rights violations to the Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, while assigned as a senior budget advisor within the Navy's Expeditionary Warfare community.

I recall the Navy’s brig commander's response to my adultery conviction, stating, “When the Navy decides to prosecute Sailors for adultery, I will need a heads up so we can build more prison space.” I'm sure the brig's expansion can now accommodate military sex offenders since my unprecedented conviction. 

In early April, Judge Rosemary Collyer made her final ruling on my 3-year old Civil Action case, ruling in my favor, substantiating that I was retaliated against as a military whistleblower.  She remanded my case back to the BCNR, who continues to stall on making their decision on instating my hard-earned pension benefits!! 

Sadly, I’m not the only military veteran that is being forced to endure ongoing Human Rights abuse after being traumatized and victimized by military command officials who would rather take the law into their own hands when it comes to "upholding" established case laws for civil rights protection of our active duty service members.  

While Congress continues to "debate" our claims of Civil and Human Rights abuse, our “cases” are referred to the Department of Veterans Affairs, to further their medical research on military veterans.  

My case is a classic demonstration of what happens to a Black woman when she steps off the plantation, only to become a targeted whistleblower, while posing as a potential threat to her competitive and greedy colleagues, who will stop at nothing to earn a promotion or get away with committing fraud against the government!!  

Meanwhile, there is still a present threat of sexual predators lurking throughout the ranks of our Armed Forces, most notably within the officer ranks.

In the later chapters of my memoir, Broken Silence, a Military Whistleblower's Fight for Justice, I highlight the key role the command’s JAG, (then) LCDR Mei Ling Marshall, played in my selective prosecution, going as far as destroying the court transcripts of my first Article 32 preliminary hearing.  Her professional misconduct,  legal abuse of authority and Conduct unbecoming an Officer was enough to get her disbarred, yet she stood behind her promise to ensure I was punished and sentenced to spend time in prison for nearly ruining her chances for promotion to commander. 

Her unlawful actions, along with others involved in my Retaliation case, forced me to report their criminal activity via a Qui Tam lawsuit with the DoJ's Anti-Trust division, reporting incriminating evidence of fraud, revolving door practices, defense contract bid-rigging, along with a laundry list of other criminal activity.  

Due to the Pentagon's extended reach within the DoJ, my Qui Tam lawsuit never came to fruition.  After being denied a fair and impartial review of my initial application to the BCNR, I was forced to file a Civil Action lawsuit against the Secretary of the Navy for Civil and Human Rights abuse, thus establishing a legal precedent for further action if necessary.

As a prior enlisted "Mustang" officer, I personally witnessed when fraternization, rape, sexual harassment and discrimination (racial and sexual) gets out of control.  I also witnessed how Civil and Human rights violations are mishandled at the lowest command level, when promotion becomes more of a priority than upholding an employees’ Civil and Human rights!! 

The only true “make-over” the military needs is a federal law enforcing Human Rights protection and a separate “independent” commission to investigate crimes of Civil and Human Rights violations, similar to the Secretary of Labor EEOC "Civil Rights" management program!! 

As we evolve our military into a better fighting force, tapping into the resources of our younger generation, let us not forget that the basic Constitutional Rights of our workforce must be up-hold to better establish a more synergetic workplace, while honoring the military’s ceremonial traditions (independent of hazing).   

Our younger generation is just as sensitive as they are intelligent and we must learn to capitalize on their genius, not forcibly, but fairly!!

There is no sense in bullying one another on Capitol Hill because when the new laws are implemented and ordered to be carried out, our young girls and boys will pay the ultimate price during training, while working onboard ships and other workplaces, long before they face the battlefield in combat roles against our foreign “enemies.”

Monday, August 8, 2016

The Navy’s “Sexual Assault-Harassment and Rape Epidemic” continues…

Navy Times recently reported— 

“A former cruiser skipper accused of offering a junior officer her surface warfare pin in exchange for sex, claims the woman is the one who made advances on him, as the fired officer fights to save his career.

Capt. Brian Sorenson was ousted as the commanding officer of cruiser Anzio and found guilty at admiral's mast in January for sexual misconduct, sexual harassment and conduct unbecoming. In trying to persuade a panel to retain Sorenson, his defense attorney said the junior officer was struggling to attain her SWO qualification and plotted to loosen Sorenson up with booze before pressuring him to qualify her. The attorney also asserted she had encouraged Sorenson's advances and that it was ultimately she who solicited sex.

In addition to disputing that he propositioned his junior officer in his captain's cabin, Sorenson denies he grabbed the woman's buttocks while they were in a bar — one of the Navy's highest-profile sexual assault cases in recent years.

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Sorenson is attempting to convince a board of three rear admirals that he should be allowed to continue  serving or to retire honorably. The board could recommend him for retention, retirement or harsher penalties such as reduction in rank or a downgraded discharge.

His ultimate fate will be determined by Navy Personnel Command.

Sorenson’s 25-year military career began to unravel Aug. 30, when he and several junior officers assigned to the Norfolk-based Anzio attended a "wetting down" party at a bar in Yorktown, Virginia. He is accused of engaging in two highly inappropriate conversations with the woman who worked for him, allegedly propositioning her for sex, according to a Navy investigation report.

Navy Times is withholding the name of the accuser due to a policy not to publish names of alleged sexual assault victims.

Sorenson's attorney conceded that Sorenson engaged in an inappropriate conversation outside the bar, which was overheard by crewmembers. The attorney also conceded that a conversation of a sexual nature occurred between the officer and Sorenson, but seemed suggest that the officer initiated the sexual banter to influence Sorenson.

"He never touched her," said Greg McCormac, a retired Army judge advocate representing Sorenson and who made the case Monday to the panel about why Sorenson should be retained in the Navy.

The government's attorneys countered that Sorenson displayed poor judgement and that from the moment the allegations surfaced, Sorenson had offered "little acceptance and a lot of blame."

Disputed encounters

Sorenson allegedly convened his officers the day after the wetting down, as rumors began circulating on the ship, and told them they bore some responsibility for his behavior because they allowed him to get intoxicated.

"This is the kind of behavior we might expect from junior personnel," the government's attorney said. "Certainly not from an officer with the distinguished record of Capt. Sorenson."

The defense, however, focused on undermining the credibility of the female officer who reported Sorenson's advances.

As evidence, McCormac presented a witness statement from an Anzio warrant officer who claimed the junior officer asked the warrant a cryptic question prior to the encounter in the CO's cabin.

"If you have sex with someone because they were going to give you something, but it doesn't involve money, is that prostitution?" the woman allegedly asked, according to the testimony of the warrant officer.

McCormack said the question was audacious and used it to question the officer's motives. He also claimed that the officer is "milking the system" because she claimed she has post-traumatic stress disorder and is planning to file for VA disability.

"She is milking the system and she's doing it at his expense," McCormack said, motioning to Sorenson, who was in attendance at the panel with his wife of 23 years.

In his opening statement, McCormack did not elaborate on how the officer solicited Sorenson, nor did he offer an alternative narrative to the accusations in the Navy investigation about what exactly happened in the CO's cabin the day after the trip to the bar, where the officer claims he offered up her quals in exchange for sex.

He also did not explain why Sorenson did not come forward to report the woman's purported advances. She filed an equal-opportunity complaint in the days following the wetting down and the incident in the CO's cabin that set in motion the investigation and Sorenson's removal.

Full article:

Food for thought:  
After reading this article I immediately reflected back to my department head tour onboard the USS STOUT and USS GONZALEZ, over a decade ago.  Within a few months of my arrival, the Commanding Officer was "relieved for cause" after physically assaulting a junior male officer during a port visit in Mobile Alabama. The first few nights in-port the crew literally bounced from one bar to another, similar to their "sexually aroused" drunken behavior during overseas port-visits, or wetting downs!!

The CO of course faced an Admiral’s mast and later a Board of Inquiry (BOI).  You would think a well-seasoned “Captain Select” would’ve conducted himself more appropriately in the presence of his subordinates.  Of course not!!  Instead, he feasted on the fruits of his labor.

After a few character witnesses came forward to testify at his BOI, it was discovered that he’d engaged in adulterous relationships with several of his junior female division officers.  I was present during one of his lovers’ Surface Warfare qualification board and she responded horribly after literally being spoon-fed the answers, similar to her white male counterparts, yet each of them were awarded their Surface Warfare insignia, without a repeat board like their African American male counterparts.

In my memoir, Broken Silence, a Military Whistleblower's Fight for Justice, I describe at length how African American male officers are deliberately "set-up to fail" while trying to achieve their Surface Warfare qualifications or simply advance through the ranks. Failure to obtain a SWO pin is extremely detrimental to a Surface Warfare officer's career!! 

However, having served nearly 20 years in the Navy, as an enlisted and Supply Corps officer, I witnessed firsthand how certain females (especially Surface Warfare officers) resorted to using their “feminine prowess” to better compete in a male dominant career field.  To the extent of sleeping with their enlisted subordinates, fellow division officers (to lessen the immediate competition) or propositioning their department heads (if necessary), including the commanding officer, especially if he’s intoxicated!!  His weakest and most vulnerable moment.   But usually the flirtation and sexual advancements begins in the workplace!!  

Yet female officers are just as competitive towards their female counterparts, oftentimes more cut-throat!!   I've been on the receiving end of jealousy, lies and deceit which abruptly ended my stellar career.

During her "incriminating" testimony at one of my preliminary hearings, Lt. Commander Mei-Ling Marshall testified to the fact that she had a personal interest in the outcome of my case, because her record had been flagged after I'd reported her involvement in my retaliation case; as the command's Judge Advocate General, she served at the helm of orchestrating the adultery case against me with mere fabricated evidence.

In the later chapters of my memoir, I describe at length her abuse of command authority and miscarriage of justice; in a concerted effort to "eliminate the competition" after she'd learned that the Commodore had decided to "rank all 0-4s" under his authority during our next fitness report evaluation cycle. 

She went to great lengths to get her way, even employing the efforts of her close personal friend and mentor, Ret. Capt. Isaiah "Ike" Owens to convince me to "tone down" my competitive spirit, by stating "Blacks have a long way to go and that I was ruining it for black officers."  I guess I was ruining it for him!!

In April of this year, Judge Rosemary Collyer, a Senior United States District Judge for the United States District of Columbia, ruled on my Civil Action case against Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, establishing that I was infact retaliated against as a military whistleblower.  Unfortunately the Navy's Board for Correction of Navy Records continues to stall with making their final decision on my remanded case.  Meanwhile, over the years, I've read story after story of countless senior officers abusing their authority while violating their subordinates Civil and Human Rights in the workplace!!  Meanwhile, Congress and President Obama does NOTHING!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Navy SEALs' boss, Rear Adm. Brian Losey, is set to retire this week, closing a chapter on the high-level dispute that exposed rifts between lawmakers, the Navy and the retired admiral community.

Navy Times reports,

Navy SEAL boss to retire after promotion controversy

Rear Adm. Brian Losey, the head of Naval Special Warfare Command, led the prestigious command for three years and was cleared by the Navy for a promotion. That move was only shelved under congressional pressure after it emerged that Losey was found to have retaliated against three staffers at a previous command.

Full Article:

This is absolutely unacceptable, systemic Military Retaliation!! 

As long as the Pentagon's top brass is allowed to "police themselves," military personnel will be subjected to ongoing “blatant” Civil and Human rights violations, which was the case throughout my nearly 20 years of active duty service.

I strongly encourage any and all victims of military retaliation or other forms of military workplace abuse to file a Civil Action lawsuit against your service Secretary; it is the only way to protect our military workforce from abuse of authority from senior members within their chain of command. 

You are welcome to reference my case, Civil Action No. 13-1465 (RMC)

For more details about my "Retaliation" case, read my memoir, "Broken Silence, A Military Whistleblower's Fight for Justice."

Until veterans and civil service employees hold the Pentagon accountable for its failure to grant Civil Rights protection to those serving within the ranks of our Armed Forces, the abuse of authority from senior ranking officials will eventually unravel the moral fabric of our nation!!

We cannot allow Greed and the thirst for Control and Power to destroy Humanity!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

President Barack Obama delivers, MORE OF THE SAME, while addressing Atlanta area disabled veterans during the annual convention of the Disabled American Veterans. "Failed Promises!!"

A local family is lashing out at the Atlanta VA Medical Center after they say the hospital botched a routine procedure and now their father is dying.   

WSB - TV 2 Atlanta reports Monday August 1, 2016

President Obama Promises Reforms for Veterans During Atlanta Stop

"Taking issue with Donald Trump's message that America’s armed forces have become weak, President Barack Obama told a room full of disabled veterans Monday that that’s just not true.  
Obama also called for local leaders to do more to help veterans, calling the nation's commitment to its veterans a "sacred covenant."

"I don't use those words lightly. It's sacred because there is no more solemn request than to ask someone to risk their life, to be ready to give their life on our behalf," Obama said at the annual convention of the Disabled American Veterans.

Quicker processing of disability claims and appeals is also needed. A staggering backlog of disability claims has been whittled from more than 600,000 three years ago to below 80,000, but some 450,000 appeals are pending. Veterans wait an average of three years for a decision, which the White House called "unacceptable." Obama called on Congress to pass legislation to overhaul the system."

Full Article:

This is personal for me, two of my relatives paid the ultimate sacrifice while receiving poor healthcare treatment at the Atlanta VA.

 Leslie "Les" Hardy
1959  -  2015

On August 13, 2015, my uncle passed away after a botched routine procedure at the Atlanta VA hospital, he was only 56 years young!!  My father, a Vietnam Vet, passed away in early 2011 from complications of COPD.  He was placed on an extended  waiting list for a follow-on appointment, which never happened, he died between appointments.  In the interim, he was never offered treatment medication for his symptoms. 

The Atlanta VA is located in the 5th District, Congressman John Lewis' congressional district!!

David Icke Exposes Michelle Obama, Wow!! I had a conversation about this earlier with a friend from Chicago. WOW!!

10 Secrets The Shinning Ones Won't Tell You

Monday, August 1, 2016

US launches air strikes on IS in Libya

BBC News reports, The United States has carried out air strikes on positions of so-called Islamic State (IS) in Libya, following a request by the UN-backed government there, the Pentagon says.
The strikes targeted positions in the port city of Sirte, an IS stronghold.
Libyan PM Fayez Sarraj, in a televised address, said the strikes caused "heavy losses".
Western powers have become increasingly concerned at IS's growing presence in Libya.
The air strikes are the first such US military intervention co-ordinated with the Libyan unity government.
There have been two previous US attacks on IS targets in Libya - last February and in November.
Full article: