Monday, July 18, 2016

Today is "Nelson Mandela International Day, in celebration of his Birthday." Happy Birthday!!!

Oh’ Mother Africa
(Dedicated to the legacy of Nelson Mandela)
© 2013 Syneeda Penland

Oh Mother Africa,
let me hear your cry.
As we celebrate
the life of your beloved son,
as we long to say good bye.

Standing steadfast in the midst
of your great divide,
liberating the souls of your children,
leading their spirits to freedom,
during the wrath of your apartheid.

Freeing your children
from the bonds of mental slavery;
inspiring them to believe in you,
their heritage, throughout their quest for liberty.

Oh’ Mother Africa,
how you weep the loss of your beloved son;
be proud of his immeasurable deeds,
knowing that his work is never done.

His legacy reached far beyond the shores
of your magnificent ivory coast,
to the hearts and souls of your
African-American children,
where you are loved the most.

Oh’ Mother Africa,
as you lay your son to rest,
cradle him in your earthly bosom,
knowing that he has done his best!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful dedication.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dedication.