Monday, July 11, 2016

In the Wake of America's Political and Civil Unrest, I wrote this piece as a reminder of how far we've come, and how far we've yet to go!!

Scales of Justice
© 2016  Sy’needa Penland

There are no Scales of Justice
that can balance Americas crimes;
Men have been barbarically 
killing each other
since the beginning of time.

The second funeral I went to
was when I was nine,
I was told that my Uncle
had troubles with the law;
When my grandmother
went to identify his body
his charred remains
was all that she saw.

Shot once in the head,
handcuffed to a steering wheel,
burned to a crisp
his remains laid still.

Year after year,
their voices grew wild;
Restless Spirits
haunted me
as a child.

The small town I grew up in
was well-known for its sins;
Genocide of Cherokee Warriors
and their next of kin.

The Gold Rush of Georgia,
hundreds and thousands they came;
Scattered along the Trail of Tears,
dead bodies; raped and maimed.

Confederate soldiers stood watch
to guard their forts;
Along the Delaware Isles
they built their ports.

European aggression,
hundreds of years of suppression;
There are no Scales of Justice
to stop their oppression.

Our Brothers pay the cost
for all that is lost,
Welfare if the common phrase
for a charity cause.

My history,
Your history,
its all the same;
Treated like mere peasants,
to hide their shame.

Greed is a sin,
the worse one of all!
It doesnt help the poor;
The rich-  they grow tall.

Down below, are
The Beggars
The Weavers
The Cooks
and The Maids
The Laundryman
The Seamstress,
they labor like Slaves;
The Bankers
The Doctors
The Lawyers
The Priest;
Praying for justice
to help balance the meek.

No matter the order,
it never adds up!

In the end,
No Scales of Justice
will out-weigh their sins.


Anonymous said...


I'm a huge fan and this is by far your best one yet! You are truly a gifted scribe.

Syneeda said...


Thank you. I'm truly passionate about the Preservation of Humanity and sometimes speaking Truth actually helps to heal old wounds!

In the end, Love Conquers All!!