Monday, June 20, 2016

US Senate Votes to Require Women to Register for the Draft... I DO NOT SUPPORT THIS BILL!!

Our Daughters Returning Home From Combat!! 

In the wake of the “Orlando Attack” against the homosexual community; the Senate has launched another Attack against women, by supporting a military policy that will require our young women (and transgenders), turning 18, to register for the Selective Service by January 2018.  

Before taking drastic measures to keep our young girls in harm’s way while serving in the Armed Forces why not improve racial and gender inequality first?!

This issue is personal to me, having served 20 years of my adult life, fighting for racial and gender equality while serving in the Navy.  

Several years ago, the Pentagon forced me to file a Civil Action lawsuit against the Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, after being denied my hard-earned pension benefits; after enduring years of ongoing Racial and Sexual Discrimination, Retaliation and subsequent Human Rights violations, as a Military Whistleblower. 

At each command I was assigned to, serving as an enlisted and later as an officer, I had to fight for my rightful place while climbing the "unequal ranks" of our misogynistic and racists Navy organization.   Yet it was “My Choice” to serve my country, not a mandatory federal requirement!!  

With all the complaints of workplace inequality that's been presented before the Senate, involving “Military Sexual Assault, Rape, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Discrimination, and even murder, this is their way of 'Fixing' the Military’s in-Justice System?!”  By creating larger  issues!!

Sadly, I've come to realize that this is the norm of our "Political Machine" we call Congress, where they "Create" a need (a Bill) to justify their paychecks and kickbacks, while deceiving the public.  I guess this is who our corrupted Pentagon officials and senior military officers take their lessons from, before going rouge!! 

Should they call for another draft, which I pray will never happen during our lifetime, I’m sure Uncle Sam will target the Black and Hispanic communities, no different than our forefathers, brothers, uncles and cousins that were drafted and sacrificed during the Vietnam War.  Upon their release from the Military Industrialized Complex (aka prison) they were quickly recycled to fill the cells of the privatized "Prison Industrialized Complex."   The two are one of the same!! 

With this Bill, Congress is getting a 2 for 1 Special, hypothetically speaking: 

Draft Hispanic women to help fight against the Mexicans, should Trump win and declare War against Mexico?!

Draft Black women to help fight potential wars in Africa, should Hillary win, this will give her a “Fighting Chance” to finish what she started in Africa as former Secretary of State.  The Benghazi Attack taught us a grave lesson: “DO NOT put her in charge of the safety and security of American assets, primarily our military!!  

It's been reported that Wiki Leaks is about to leak more evidence of Hillary's corruption.... Can't Wait!! 

Since my discharge from the Navy, I’ve sat back and watched our political and religious organizations morally bankrupt our country and American citizens are their sacrificial lambs!!  I’m glad I decided not to pursue a political career after graduating high school.  I debated enough on the high school debate team and I’d figured I will be of greater service to Humanity by joining the military. 

Boy was I WRONG!!

Being a black female in one of the most Racists organizations in this country, besides the KKK, wasn’t easy.   I’d grown up in the Deep South where boys and girls are taught to respect one another and our men are still Southern Gentlemen, regardless of race, creed, religion or “sexual orientation.”

As recent as 2004-2005, I served aboard a billion dollar Navy combat warship as the ONLY female for nearly a year and the experience still haunts me, especially after becoming aware of the systematic rape and sexual assault epidemic throughout our Armed Forces!!    

Being deliberately put in harm's way for that amount of time, I could've easily become a Rape Statistic.... I’m lucky I survive it!!  During my horrific ordeal, the crew openly tormented me with racial slurs and other forms of bigotry, even after my selection to Lt. Commander.  I failed to mention that I was a senior Department Head at the time, but those white boys didn't care!!  I devoted an entire chapter in my memoir, Broken Silence, a Military Whistleblower’s Fight for Justice, to walk the reader through my experience. But pages in a book doesn’t begin to express what my life was like, “Being a Black Women in a White Man’s Navy.” 

I'm looking forward to working on my movie project to show the world what it’s really like working behind the military’s iron curtain!!

After getting to know other victims of the military’s injustice system, especially the survived rape victims, I've concluded that senior Pentagon officials will deliberately put us in harm's way whenever we complain or ask for gender or racial equality!!  

I’m not sure if Navy officials were deliberately trying to test my resolve or was setting me up for failure throughout my officer career, either way, I learned a lot with each experience and it made me a much stronger officer; which is why I felt brave enough to challenge the Navy’s highest office when I first reported evidence of “Fraud, Contract Bid-rigging, Revolving Door Practices, Abuse of Authority, Civil Rights and Human Rights violations, the list goes on!!”

In an April ruling on my Civil Action lawsuit against Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, Judge Rosemary Collyer ruled that I was in fact a Military Whistleblower when I was charged and later convicted of Adultery. 

During this bizarre sex scandal, I was single and the married husband was never charged and was allowed to retire!!   After my story went viral, the Pentagon justified their actions to prosecute me and not the “married officer” supposedly because I was the “Senior Officer” and should be held to a higher standard.  Can you say, General David Petraeus?!   

From the beginning, my case was never about whether or not I'd slept with another woman's husband, it was about keeping me quiet so Navy officials could continue to profit from a rigged defense contract.  Can you say, Fat Leonard!!  They also needed to cover up their violations of my Civil and Human Rights.

In the later chapters of my memoir, I outline their corruption, including details of the Qui Tam lawsuit I filed with the Department of Justice Anti-trust Division, which ultimately led to my separation in July 2009.  This came about after the Pentagon became aware that I’d contacted a federal agency outside the military’s justice system to report fraud against the government.

In Judge Collyer's final ruling, she remanded my case back to the Navy for yet  another "legal review," to determine whether I should have been granted  protection under the Military Whistleblower's Protection Act when I first reported my former bosses fraudulent actions to the Navy's Inspector General, Dave Brownell.    Again, I was forced to sue the Navy's Secretary to be reinstated as a Lt. Commander and be allowed to retire in grade, or above, receive all back pay and allowances and that my record be expunged. I will also seek damages for Human Rights violations.  

In defense of Secretary Mabus, the Justice Department initially argued that the United States District Court for the District of Columbia did not have jurisdiction over the military, as if they operate in a vacuum, to be allowed to manage and supervise themselves?!!  Here lies the problem!!

They later argued that senior legal officials charged with investigating and prosecuting my case, had “misinterpreted the law?!!”  Keep in mind, these were members of the Navy's prestigious Judge Advocate General (JAG) community.   Yet I still spent 45 days in prison, fined $9,600, was kicked out without my hard-earned pension, labeled a “Convicted Felon” and endured egregious Human Rights violations and irrefutable harm!!  

As you can see based upon my horrific experience, the Pentagon has WAY TOO MUCH POWER already!!  Before mandating that our young girls be put in harm's way, ensure their Human Rights will be protected first!! 

For those of us that served on active duty, especially someone like myself as both enlisted and officer, you are fully aware that "YOU HAVE NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS," while serving in the US military.  Should you step out of line, report your bosses for war profiteering, or attempt to report Rape, Sexual Assault or any other crime committed against you, YOU WILL BE PUNISHED!! 

I was sentence to serve time in prison for reporting my bosses’ involvement in: Defense contract bid-rigging, revolving door practices, misuse of war funds, retaliation, sexual and racial discrimination and a laundry list of other fraud against the government."  I guess they figured no one would believe a "Convicted Felon?!"

Again, Here lies another problem!!

Men are in charge of our military and they WILL NOT uphold our young ladies Civil or Human Rights, which they have made perfectly clear with the ongoing rape, sexual assault, discrimination and retaliation cases. 

Again, instead of putting our young girls in harm’s way, why not pass legislation to PROTECT THEIR CIVIL AND HUMAN RIGHTS FIRST, before entertaining the ludicrous notion of a draft.

If this is how our female senators would rather score a Win for themselves, by using our female veterans as pawns, this is NOT THE WAY ahead!!

It's one thing to allow men to attack our Human Rights with ongoing debates over abortion, planned parenthood, etc. but to take up quotas to get a few women through Army Ranger School, to "test the waters" so females can serve in combat roles, is not going to erase the fact that men belong on the front line of defense, not ‘Hard Charging’ women or Transgenders!!

Furthermore, “Are you prepared to bury thousands of dead female Soldiers and Marines?!!”  Simply imagine the above image as your Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Cousin or a neighbor, or a relative of a colleague or friend.  This is the Ugly Truth of War!!!   Furthermore, our women serving on the frontline in Combat roles is as ridiculous as this!!!  Serving our country should remain a Choice for women, not a mandatory requirement!!  

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