Friday, June 24, 2016

King Abdullah of Jordan kills his wife in Rome: Facing with total public disgrace over a love affair involving Queen Rania, the funeral ceremony was conducted in complete secrecy. reports, .... 

"I am sorry to inform you that due to yet unexpected reasons, Her Majesty the Queen was found dead at her Excelsior Hotel room 9:00 pm yesterday night . His Majesty expresses his sincere gratitude to the international  outpouring of grief and sorrow over the Queen 's death," Moscow Times cited Mr. Tarawneh on Friday as saying, adding that before her death, the Queen did much to precipitate ending the long-troubled marriage by travelling to Rome without King's permission.

According to many local observers the ominous news is considered widely as a harbinger of widening rifts within Jordan's tormented social fabrics as the Arab nation of seven million is equally divided into native Jordanians and descendents of Palestinian refugees whom Queen Rania belonged.

Food for thought:

What a tragic sacrifice, similar to the tragic sacrifice of late Diana, Princess of Wales, the first wife of Prince Charles; numerous reports linked him and his mother, Queen Elizabeth II to the cover-up of Diana's tragic death. 

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