Monday, June 6, 2016

Just in case you missed it, here's a clip of my recent interview with Fox 5 Atlanta, where I openly discuss Military Fraud, Corruption and the Sex Scandal that abruptly ended my nearly 20 year Navy career.


Anonymous said...

Wow Sy you look beautiful as always! And you always looked HOT in uniform!! The reporter could barely keep a straight face sitting across from you. HOT!!

Keep representing my Queen!!!

Syneeda said...

No thank you for the compliment! (?)

I find your remarks to be just as sexist as the prosecutors' behavior that prosecuted me. By the time my case had gone to trial, Navy prosecutors had willingly shown the alleged nude photos to nearly half of the Navy's JAG officer community in San Diego, I guess as a way to discourage them from representing me. And the government’s lead prosecutor was a female. Go figure!! I will never play the "Woman Card" like Hillary because women are more of a threat towards one another than men, especially when they are competing to maintain the "Status Quo" in certain male dominated professional organizations. Did I mention the other prosecutor was having an affair! I discuss it in my memoir. I was contacted by one of his lovers several years ago and she was irate when she caught him “cheating on her.” Again, Go Figure!!

During my tenure in the Navy, I was forced to put in 200% effort, including obtaining several advanced post graduate degrees, just to obtain the rank I achieved. Being amongst the first African American females to rise from the enlisted ranks to Lt. Commander Supply Corps Officer wasn’t easy!! Now that I’m out of the Navy, I can see it for worth its worth!! I must admit, I'm extremely disappointed in our senior Pentagon officials. Be it Fraud at the highest level; Raping and sexually assaulting your fellow colleagues, or a Corrupted Injustice System, I’m embarrassed to have ever worn the uniform!!! But I am a Proud Veteran and I thank them for the experience!!