Friday, June 3, 2016

Corruption at the Core of the US Navy

There's no need for me to express anything beyond what's already been reported throughout dozens of news outlets, involving the Navy's web of Corruption and how 'Fat Cat' Singapore businessman, Leonard Glenn Francis, used his charm, money, gifts, prostitutes, cash bribes, gourmet dinners, concert tickets and more, to gain access to the Navy’s Top Seventh Fleet Commanders, charged with operational management, intelligence, logistic support services and strategic warfare planning.

Fat Leonard, seduced, bribed and basically “Pimped” senior Navy Officers for over 20 years and the web of corruption is rooted to the very core of the Pentagon!

Just when I thought I did a thorough job uncovering systemic financial mismanagement, sole source bid rigging and illegal revolving door practices at the Navy's Expeditionary Combat Command, this case is certainly worth public attention as well as scrutiny on how the Pentagon conducts its “Illegal” business practices!!

Unfortunately for me, the Department of Justice never took my June 2009 False Claims Act petition seriously.  Weeks before I was ordered to be discharged, I filed the FCA petition with the DoJ’s Anti-Trust Division.  For over a year after my discharge, I worked closely with senior DoJ prosecutor, Shane Crawley, providing enough evidence to link my former bosses’ corruption scandal to contractors employed by defense contracting company, Logistic Support Inc., which is headquartered in Arlington Va.  

The company's President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) served over 22 years as a Navy Supply Corps Officer and his Veteran stocked owned logistics company is now a lucrative multi-billion dollar industry, as a result of a 2006 rigged ‘sole-sourced’ contract.  The evidence is clear in their "bid proposal package," along with examining the work history of the retired officers linked to this scandal.

In the later chapters of my memoir, “Broken Silence, a Military Whistleblower’s Fight for Justice,” I lay out explicit details on how a number of active duty officers, including my former bosses who ordered my prosecution for the specious adultery charges (and a number of retired officers) colluded together to rig a logistics support services contract to “Rehire” themselves and their buddies; while setting their own salaries, along with a slew of other criminal activity.

As you can see in relation to the Fat Leonard fraud scandal, it doesn’t take much to “Seduce” these criminals to commit crimes against the US government!!

Here's a few articles covering the Fat Leonard scandal:
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