Thursday, June 30, 2016

US military lifts ban on transgender personnel

Bradley/Chelsea Manning

Washington (AFP) - Transgender personnel will no longer be barred from serving openly in the US military, the Pentagon announced Thursday – a major milestone that immediately attracted criticism.

Lifting the ban on transgender service members is “the right thing to do, and it’s another step in ensuring that we continue to recruit and retain the most qualified people,” Defense Secretary Ashton Carter told reporters.

“Good people are the key to the best military in the world.”

Up until five years ago, the US military still banned gay troops from openly discussing their sexuality under a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

The new transgender policy will be phased in during a one-year period, but effective immediately, the military can no longer discharge or deny reenlistment to troops based solely on their gender identity and transgender service members currently on duty can now serve openly.

By July 1 next year, the services will begin allowing transgender personnel to sign up, assuming they have met the necessary physical and mental standards to do so, the Pentagon said.

Under the new policy, the Pentagon will cover medical expenses related to being transgender, including gender reassignment surgeries when they are deemed “medically necessary.”

Republican Congressman Mac Thornberry, who chairs the House Armed Services Committee, said the move could lead to troops not being ready to deploy for medical reasons.

“This is the latest example of the Pentagon and the president prioritizing politics over policy,” Thornberry said.

“Our military readiness – and hence, our national security – is dependent on our troops being medically ready and deployable.”

Democratic Senator Dick Durbin said the new policy allows transgender troops “to continue to serve without living a lie, and provides much-needed clarity to commanders who for years have been stuck in the middle of a confusing policy.”

The US military has about 1.3 million service members. According to a RAND study, about 2,500 of these active-duty service members are transgender, as well as about 1,500 out of approximately 825,000 reserve troops.

The military will start paying for transgender-related medical treatment no later than October 1, Carter said.

At least 18 countries already allow transgender personnel to serve openly in their militaries, Carter said, including Britain, Israel and Australia.

He last year ordered all military roles – including combat positions – to be opened to women.


Food for thought:

Wow, this is interesting!!!

Why should the public be responsible for footing the bill for gender reassignment surgery?!!

I think that should be a part of the enlistment criteria, "Knowing who you are before you sign your life away!!"  It will make life easier for everyone. Especially when new recruits go through the training phase!! Safety is paramount, in living quarters, shower areas and meeting the physical fitness requirements; where "MEN" obviously have home team advantage!!  Now we are allowing a “former man” to compete and combat against our women?  That’s unfair!!  Who’s representing our women on Capitol Hill and overlooked this serious factor?!! 

I served 20 years as both enlisted and as an officer and I was forced to compete against men in Officer Candidate School, trust me it wasn’t easy!!  As far as issues in the workplace, that's an issue for the Pentagon to resolve.  Can you say, "Civil Rights Act!!"

Just because a few HARD-Charging women “successfully(?)” graduated from a few of the Army’s toughest training courses doesn’t prove anything in my book, besides obvious interference from key politicians.   Can you say, G.I. Jane!!  RIGHT!!!

As far a former officer, I dealt with a number of personnel with "bi-polar" disorder and they switched gears when their medication ran out and it proved to be detrimental to the mission!!  This is a serious issue that requires more medical research!!  

As a military Veteran, I take enormous pride in having fought for the Freedom and Liberties that ALL US citizens should enjoy, and I strongly support sustaining a strong military fighting force. 

I have family members that are members of the LGBT community and I've observed their behavior as teenagers into early adulthood and trust me, they can go from one extreme to the next and could present a dangerous situation while in combat.  Let us not forget the Bradley/Chelsea Manning case!! I agree with Congressman Thornberry's position, this move could very easily interfere with troops not being ready to deploy for medical and other reasons. 

 Our military's preparedness and readiness is driven by quotas.  Why would we impede upon  critical missions while someone is recovering from a boob job and adjustment to his or her new lifestyle in such a strenuous working environment?!   Just saying....   

My latest poetry piece... It came to me yesterday, in celebration of my Birthday. I've come to realize that life provides the perfect Balance, Harmony and Love, if we understand it. Instead of rushing to destroy life, we must learn to understand ALL life forms!!

All Life Intertwined
© 2016  Sy’needa Penland

Beloved Mother Earth,
I give my All to you.
For blessing me with life,
seeding my soul
with the Essence of you;

Within my chakras is where
your Spirit lies,
nourishing my being
with your Essence of life.

within each layer
of my skin,
exists within,

Your temple of life
is where Our Spirits lies;
Rebirthing our souls,
Living Beings
never dies.

669 is when new life begins;
996, it repeats itself again.
669, all life intertwined;
996, all Living Beings,
the Perfect mix!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Lawyer for Air Force officer, Col. Eugene Caughey, charged with rape, adultery says UCMJ is biased

Col. Eugene Caughey

Air Force Times reports, "The attorney for a colonel facing charges of rape, assault, adultery and lewd acts  has asked a court to throw out the adultery charges, claiming the military justice system is biased against heterosexuals.

Lawyers representing Col. Eugene Caughey, the former vice commander of the 50th Space Wing at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado, say at least six charges of adultery are misdirected because the military's law banning extramarital sex only applies to heterosexuals, the Colorado Springs Gazette reports.

Caughey’s case is set for a court-martial in August.

During pretrial motions on Monday, defense attorney Maj. Keith Meister told Air Force judge Col. Wes Moore that the Defense Department's definition of adultery is outdated, since it is defined as an act between a man and woman, the Gazette reported. Marriage now includes same-sex couples, Meister noted, but the Uniform Code of Military Justice labels intercourse outside of marriage as “an element of guilt” in adultery cases only if it's between a man and a woman.

"A homosexual man or woman couldn't commit adultery as defined," Meister argued.

These charges against Caughey would be in violation of his 14th Amendment rights, which guarantee equal protection of the laws.

The prosecutor, Maj. Brian Mason, countered that gay couples are also subject to penalties for violating their marriage vows under Article 134 of the UCMJ, bringing discredit upon the armed forces, which does not specify sexual preference.

Caughey, currently assigned to Air Force Space Command at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, was charged Dec.10 with two counts of rape and assault at Schriever in late 2014 or early 2015 after he allegedly used “unlawful force” to hold the victim “against the wall and floor” while committing a sexual act, charge sheet documents reveal. He was also charged with various acts of alleged misconduct dating back to 2013, according to his charge sheet.

The 24-year Air Force veteran, allegedly committed six counts of adultery between 2013 and 2015, in violation of Article 134 of the UCMJ. One charge with two specifications in violation of Article 133 of the UCMJ, conduct unbecoming of an officer and gentleman, states that Caughey took a photo of his genitals while in uniform in his office.

Caughey has been charged with unlawfully groping women on two other occasions, according to court documents.

He faces up to 12 years in prison for the six charges linked to adultery, the Gazette said. Caughey could serve life sentences for the rape counts.

Full article:

Food for thought:
What a clever defense strategy, “attacking the homosexual community!”  Really!!!   Why bring them into this!!  I’m offended by this strategy and I’m not gay!!

In May 2008, I was convicted “as a Single person” for adultery.  The government’s sole evidence to bring charges against me were nude pictures, alleged to be of me and a fellow officer engaged in sexual acts. They also used “unauthenticated emails and phone records” to build their case against me.  Even the subpoena response from the phone service and email service providers did not establish the alleged email accounts belonged to me.  But I was still found guilty!!

For over a year leading to my trial, I was bullied, harassed, retaliated against, threatened with additional charges for not agreeing to an Article 15 Capt Mast and I was denied my right to a speedy trial.   

One of the egregious acts committed during my case was when the command’s staff judge advocate, LCDR Mei-Ling Marshall erased the transcripts of the initial Article 32 hearing, held in August 2007.  Weeks before my trial, the Navy convened a second Article 32 hearing to conceal evidence of their judicial misconduct throughout my case, as well as the testimony of the preliminary investigator CDR Doud, admitting that the JAG, Mei-Ling Marshal, had in fact written the statement for the wife, to ensure all elements were met. 

By the time I went to trial, I was “Gagged” by the judge which is why I never testified during my trial.  At one point, when my defense attorney failed to object to the prosecutor’s arguments, which was about 30 possible objections, it allowed the government to enter in faulty evidence thus prejudicing the jury.  

The jury of my peers consisted of "ONE" African American Supply Corps Officer!!  The rest were WHITE!!

For the past 8 years, I’ve been denied justice in my case.  After appealing my case to the Board for Correction of Naval Records (BCNR), providing thousands of documents to substantiate Whistleblower Retaliation, Civil and Human Rights violations as well as fraud against the government, my appeal was Denied, which led me to appeal my case to the  the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.

In April, Judge Collyer ruled that I was in fact a Military Whistleblower in accordance with the Military's Whistleblower's Protection Act and remanded my case to the BCNR.

After recently watching a video on youtube posted by the Human Rights Watch, I'm concerned that my application will be Denied again or shuffled to the bottom of the docket, according to Ms. Jessica Pyburn's letter, notifying me that she is the "Examiner" assigned to my case.

As long as the Pentagon refuses to overturn my case, expunge my record, acknowledge that I was in fact a Whistleblower when I was prosecuted as a Single Person for “Adultery” and instate my retirement pension benefits; every officer and service members charged with committing adultery, especially rape and sexual assault, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!!!

Ex-UN President ‘Conveniently’ Crushes His Own Throat Before Clinton-Linked Federal Case Starts -  The suspicious circumstances surrounding the death last week of former U.N. President John Ashe has left political pundits and conspiracy theorists alike speculating as to whether foul play was involved in his untimely demise.

After Ashe was found dead Wednesday, the U.N. claimed that he had died from a heart attack, according to the New York Post’s Page Six. That claim was later disputed by local police officers in Dobbs Ferry, New York, who said that Ashe had died from a crushed throat during a workout accident.  


Monday, June 27, 2016

Civil and Human Rights Violations Against Active Duty Servicemembers and Veterans is an Urgent Crisis that should be properly addressed by the Military's Commander in Chief, President Obama!!

Navy Sailors and Marines Discharged Under Gay Ban are Urged to Appeal.

Navy Times reports:  "Navy Department officials are urging the thousands of sailors and Marines forced out of the military because of their sexuality in previous decades to come forward and appeal their discharge — in a step to restore benefits and right a historical wrong.

The Board for Correction of Naval Records can overturn a wide range of records, from counseling letters to detachments for cause, but recently they have been putting the word out to veterans who were separated because of the military's "Don't ask, don't tell" policy — and its previous across-the-board ban — that they can have their discharges upgraded and their reenlistment codes or reason codes changed to reflect a post-DADT world.

"If you were discharged under 'Don’t ask, don’t tell,' come in," Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said in a June 8 speech at a Pentagon event for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month. "The Board of Corrections for Naval Records will take a look at changing that discharge characterization … If you have colleagues that were discharged under that, ask them to come in — if it’s under the regulations, get that discharge characterization changed....."

Full article:

Food for thought:
I was recently contacted by a representative of the BCNR, notifying me that they have received my Civil Action case against the Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, on remand by order of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.  

In the letter she stated, "They will review my case as soon as a crowded docket will permit." Translation, it could take several years before they make their final decision, hoping they would wait me out long enough and I die before they would admit their injustice against me!! 

While Fighting for Justice in my case, "I've sat on the sidelines and watched how Congress uses our Veterans as pawns on a chessboard.  When I received Judge Collyer's ruling in April, I shared the outcome via social media. Hoping to encourage other Veterans to file a "Class Action Human Rights lawsuit with the Supreme Court against the Secretary of the Defense."  I even sat through an hour in a half  humiliating interview with FoX 5 News to get my story out.  I will never do that to myself again!!!

The ruling substantiated that I was in fact a Whistleblower and my superiors had in fact retaliated against me, thus failing to uphold my Civil Rights, which is the case with thousands of other survived victims of military injustice, that were punished (retaliated against) for reporting "Rape, Sexual Assault, Harassment, Retaliation, Discrimination or other Civil or Human Rights violations."  

My case was a Civil Action case thus establishing a legal precedent for Retaliation and Human Rights violations, which was argued in my final motion. My superiors had in fact violated the Civil Rights Act and Equal Employment Opportunity Act, while "Misinterpreting" the Military Whistleblower's Protection Act?!  Really?!!! 

Saturday, June 25, 2016

BREAKING: Pentagon To Announce End to Transgender Military Ban on July 1st

Today, the American Military Partner Association (AMPA), the nation’s largest organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) military families, praised the news that the Pentagon is expected to make history on July 1st by announcing the much anticipated end to the transgender military ban.

“Our transgender service members and their families are breathing a huge sigh of relief,” said AMPA President Ashley Broadway-Mack. “Soon, anyone who is qualified will finally be able to serve our great nation, regardless of their gender identity. We are eagerly anticipating the details of this historic announcement, and we are incredibly grateful for the leadership Secretary Carter has shown in getting us to this critically important point for our military families.”

In July of last year, Secretary Carter first announced that the DoD would finally update the outdated regulations that prevent open service by transgender service members and would take six months to assess the impact of the change and work out the details. The working group started with the presumption that “transgender persons can serve openly without adverse impact on military effectiveness and readiness, unless and except where objective, practical impediments are identified.”

In June of 2015, the American Medical Association approved a resolution saying there is “no medically valid reason to exclude transgender individuals from service in the U.S. military.”

In March of 2015, AMPA launched an unprecedented joint report with the Transgender American Veterans Association (TAVA) highlighting the tremendous harm the outdated regulations inflict on military families. The report notes, “The outdated regulations serve no purpose and only dehumanize and prevent qualified and capable individuals from enlisting and serving. The ban perpetuates trauma to all those involved, both the service member and their family.”

There are an estimated 15,500 transgender service members currently serving.

Full article:

Meanwhile, The Daily reports that 85% of Female Marine Recruits are flunking the new phase of combat training.  

So is this how our "Gay" Generals and Admirals, policy makers are choosing to deal with the gender disparity between the sexes in our misogynistic military?!

Friday, June 24, 2016

King Abdullah of Jordan kills his wife in Rome: Facing with total public disgrace over a love affair involving Queen Rania, the funeral ceremony was conducted in complete secrecy. reports, .... 

"I am sorry to inform you that due to yet unexpected reasons, Her Majesty the Queen was found dead at her Excelsior Hotel room 9:00 pm yesterday night . His Majesty expresses his sincere gratitude to the international  outpouring of grief and sorrow over the Queen 's death," Moscow Times cited Mr. Tarawneh on Friday as saying, adding that before her death, the Queen did much to precipitate ending the long-troubled marriage by travelling to Rome without King's permission.

According to many local observers the ominous news is considered widely as a harbinger of widening rifts within Jordan's tormented social fabrics as the Arab nation of seven million is equally divided into native Jordanians and descendents of Palestinian refugees whom Queen Rania belonged.

Food for thought:

What a tragic sacrifice, similar to the tragic sacrifice of late Diana, Princess of Wales, the first wife of Prince Charles; numerous reports linked him and his mother, Queen Elizabeth II to the cover-up of Diana's tragic death. 

When your soul has been eaten away by Hate and your heart is blinded by Fear, you can't begin to conceptualize the notion of Forgiveness, Love and Compassion. I Agree with AG Lynch! In the End, Love Conquers All!!...

Senate Votes to Close the Loop on Military Revolving Door

Washington Post reports, "Since the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, military officers facing retirement have had a revolving door to walk through to a civilian job at the Defense Department.

Often it’s the same job they held while in uniform, and often they start the Monday after they retire and start collecting their military pension.

Under this arrangement, 41,630 military retirees — many of them senior officers — walked back into the Defense Department as civilians between September 2001 and August 2014, according to a government study. None of these jobs was advertised to the public. More than a third were hired before they officially retired, and more than half started their civilian careers within a pay period after taking off their uniform, an indication that no one competed with them for the job."

The article also reports, 

“Most military retirees and other veterans already receive hiring preferences in recognition of their service,” says the committee’s report on the National Defense Authorization Act, explaining why the policy should change. “Beyond that, the committee believes veterans and retirees should compete on equal footing with other qualified applicants.”

By leaning too heavily on military retirees without allowing other candidates to compete for these jobs, the Pentagon is closing its ranks to a diverse workforce, the committee report says, “not just in terms of diversity as it is traditionally defined, but also on diversity of thought, experience, and background within the Department that is desirable in any organization.”

McCain’s spokesman declined to comment, but his staff referred a reporter to the committee report....

But the American Legion, the country’s largest service organization, said it supports putting retirees back on equal footing with civilian job candidates.

“We support closing this loophole, because now if a military job becomes vacant it won’t be refilled by another military personnel,” said Louis Celli Jr., the Legion’s acting legislative director. The current system is “degrading the fighting force,” he said.

And the current system benefits senior officers at the expense of junior ones, Celli said, by allowing them to walk into civilian jobs without competing for them. Someone who retired at a more junior rank would benefit from the extra points given to veterans competing for civilian jobs, he said.

“Senior military members seem to have the market cornered on these plush positions,” Celli said. “You’ve got these retired generals who get full retirement benefits and they start a second career, just like that.”

Full article:

Food for thought: 

In his farewell address, President Eisenhower warned us of the ever expanding Military Industrialized Complex and its time we take heed to his advice.  

As a Military Whistleblower, I risked my life and 20 year Navy career by reporting fraud against our government; in return I was punished, discharged without my pension and left scared with the Scarlett Letter.  Meanwhile, “Rape, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination” are common phrases used amongst military Veterans who were also victimized by the military’s injustice system.  I digress… 

In April, Judge Rosemary Collyer ruled that I was in fact a Military Whistleblower when I was charged and later convicted on specious allegations of Adultery.  Since the day of my conviction I always believed that I was selectively prosecuted by my superiors to conceal evidence of a larger crime, involving illegal Revolving Door practices and defense Contract Bid rigging.”

Weeks prior to my discharge in July 2009, I’d filed a Qui Tam petition with the Department of Justice Anti-Trust division.  Reporting evidence of “Illegal Revolving Door practices, Contract Bid-rigging, Misappropriation of War funds, etc.,” involving my former bosses and other senior Pentagon officials, colluding with the defense contracting company Logistic Support Inc. (LSInc), to “rehire themselves and their buddies,” all the while advising top Pentagon officials on the Navy’s Anti-Force Protection for the Navy’s newly established Type Commander (TYCOM), Navy Expeditionary Combat Command. The TYCOM was established in early 2006, changing its mission from a ready Reserve Force to Active Duty, Expeditionary warriors. 

In its proposal package, LSInc stated, “It welcomes this opportunity to continue providing fully qualified professional personnel in support of PMS 480 to accomplish Naval Coastal Warfare (NCW) and additional Riverine Program Logistics requirements that we have performed successfully in the past.” 

LSInc was incorporated in 2001 as a Veteran-owned small business specializing in providing logistics, financial, and programming consulting services in support of ship and marine system material operations.   Since the award of the rigged July 2006 contract modification, the company has grown from a multi-million dollar small business to a multi-billion dollar Prime Vendor.

One of the key architects that ensured the contract modification was serving as OPNAV’s Branch Head, Antiterrorism/Force Protection.  He was responsible for AT/FP strategy and policy development and Navy compliance.  Within the content of the bid proposal package, he was to become LSInc’s Program Director and Program and Logistics Support.  Working as the senior management representative for the contract, to ensure close coordination and cooperation with NAVSEA and PEO LMW PMS 480; bringing a “Wealth of Knowledge and Skills” to his new role.”

As outlined in the above article, “Senior military members seem to have the market cornered on these plush positions,” … “You’ve got these retired generals who get full retirement benefits and they start a second career, just like that.”

She’s right!!  It’s just that easy for them because they set the stage for their post government employment opportunities long before retirement and they usually recruit from within.  Once one of their buddies secures a contract, it simply paves the way for more to follow suit.  It’s one of their best kept secrets.

I recall the day of my 0-4 promotion ceremony the advice of a Commander who was negotiating his retirement plans at the time, along with other senior staff officers that were approaching their retirement window.

After saluting him, he gestured a handshake (instead of a salute) to congratulate me by saying, “Welcome to the Big Boys Club” or words to that effect.   He went on to say, “It’s no longer what you know Sy’, it’s who you know!”   He further clarified his comment by saying that once you reach the rank of Commander it’s a different ball game altogether. “It’s all about networking!!”

As a former Inspector General, the encounter raised an immediate red flag.  As the command’s budget officer, I was suspicious about the newly approved logistic services contract and the role of several of the company’s senior contractor's, “senior retired officers.”

During a major exercise that Summer, one of the company’s top advisors (a defense contractor and retired captain) was delegated command authority over the budget while we were training one of the active duty subordinate Squadrons for an upcoming deployment to the Middle East.  The CO had put him in-charge of deciding what tactical gear we should purchase, to which (sole sourced) vendors we should buy them from, as if he was getting some sort of kickback. His company provided numerous logistic services, at times circumventing federal regulatory procedures. Upon approval of the LSInc contract modification we were given a substantial increase of our Cost of War operational budget and the greedy vultures took full advantage of it.  In a June 2008 Navy IG investigation report, it was substantiated that the CO had also tasked the contractor to perform personal services. 

In Chapter 11 of my memoir, Broken Silence, A Military Whistleblower’s Fight for Justice, titled, “Integrity is the Law,” I cite the following passage from the Procurement Act:

The Procurement Integrity Act prohibits the release of source selection and contractor bid or proposal information.  Also, a former employee who served in certain positions on a procurement action or contract in excess of $10 million is barred for one year from receiving compensation as an employee or consultant from that contractor.  The law also states:  A present or former employee of, or person acting on behalf of, or advising the U.S. on a procurement, who has or had access to such information shall not disclose it before the award of the contract to which the information relates (48 CFR 3.104-4(a)).  Furthermore, no person shall knowingly obtain such information before the award of the contract to which the information relates. (48 CFR 3.104-4(b))  

I recently became aware that the ongoing Fat Leonard fraud scandal is smoke and mirrors, merely setting the stage for senior retired Navy officers to “start-up” defense contracting companies, to serve as husbanding agents within and beyond the 7th Fleet AOR (Area of Operation).   Especially in the wake of President Obama’s decision to pivot Navy forces from the Atlantic Fleet region to the Pacific Fleet, calling it the “Pacific Pivot.” 

Sources say that, “CTF 73 and CTF 76 Commanders” (Good Ole' Boys) have jokingly discussed in closed door meetings, “Washing each other's hand now that they’ve managed to “Lock away the competition,” referring to Glen Leonard Francis, also known as “Fat Leonard. ”

The sources informed me that all the information that's been reported with respect to defense contracting practices, NAVSUP personnel (including civilians) have been working in coordination with NCIS to tell half the story. Apparently, there are personnel within the NAVSUP organization and NCIS that have internally concealed information to ensure key senior Navy personnel are “NOT CONNECTED TO THE SCANDAL.”  It reminds me of the Nixon Administration.   It also explains why so many junior officers are being charged (set-up to take the fall) and not their senior bosses, who are looking to inherit Glen Francis’ former Empire. 

Yet this is exactly what I talk about in the later chapters of my memoir.  I personally witnessed firsthand how they “set up” their post-employment “retirement plan” after retiring from the Navy, while engaging in War profiteering, recruiting their active duty buddies in the process to guarantee additional funding to their fiefdom. 

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Monday, June 20, 2016

US Senate Votes to Require Women to Register for the Draft... I DO NOT SUPPORT THIS BILL!!

Our Daughters Returning Home From Combat!! 

In the wake of the “Orlando Attack” against the homosexual community; the Senate has launched another Attack against women, by supporting a military policy that will require our young women (and transgenders), turning 18, to register for the Selective Service by January 2018.  

Before taking drastic measures to keep our young girls in harm’s way while serving in the Armed Forces why not improve racial and gender inequality first?!

This issue is personal to me, having served 20 years of my adult life, fighting for racial and gender equality while serving in the Navy.  

Several years ago, the Pentagon forced me to file a Civil Action lawsuit against the Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, after being denied my hard-earned pension benefits; after enduring years of ongoing Racial and Sexual Discrimination, Retaliation and subsequent Human Rights violations, as a Military Whistleblower. 

At each command I was assigned to, serving as an enlisted and later as an officer, I had to fight for my rightful place while climbing the "unequal ranks" of our misogynistic and racists Navy organization.   Yet it was “My Choice” to serve my country, not a mandatory federal requirement!!  

With all the complaints of workplace inequality that's been presented before the Senate, involving “Military Sexual Assault, Rape, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Discrimination, and even murder, this is their way of 'Fixing' the Military’s in-Justice System?!”  By creating larger  issues!!

Sadly, I've come to realize that this is the norm of our "Political Machine" we call Congress, where they "Create" a need (a Bill) to justify their paychecks and kickbacks, while deceiving the public.  I guess this is who our corrupted Pentagon officials and senior military officers take their lessons from, before going rouge!! 

Should they call for another draft, which I pray will never happen during our lifetime, I’m sure Uncle Sam will target the Black and Hispanic communities, no different than our forefathers, brothers, uncles and cousins that were drafted and sacrificed during the Vietnam War.  Upon their release from the Military Industrialized Complex (aka prison) they were quickly recycled to fill the cells of the privatized "Prison Industrialized Complex."   The two are one of the same!! 

With this Bill, Congress is getting a 2 for 1 Special, hypothetically speaking: 

Draft Hispanic women to help fight against the Mexicans, should Trump win and declare War against Mexico?!

Draft Black women to help fight potential wars in Africa, should Hillary win, this will give her a “Fighting Chance” to finish what she started in Africa as former Secretary of State.  The Benghazi Attack taught us a grave lesson: “DO NOT put her in charge of the safety and security of American assets, primarily our military!!  

It's been reported that Wiki Leaks is about to leak more evidence of Hillary's corruption.... Can't Wait!! 

Since my discharge from the Navy, I’ve sat back and watched our political and religious organizations morally bankrupt our country and American citizens are their sacrificial lambs!!  I’m glad I decided not to pursue a political career after graduating high school.  I debated enough on the high school debate team and I’d figured I will be of greater service to Humanity by joining the military. 

Boy was I WRONG!!

Being a black female in one of the most Racists organizations in this country, besides the KKK, wasn’t easy.   I’d grown up in the Deep South where boys and girls are taught to respect one another and our men are still Southern Gentlemen, regardless of race, creed, religion or “sexual orientation.”

As recent as 2004-2005, I served aboard a billion dollar Navy combat warship as the ONLY female for nearly a year and the experience still haunts me, especially after becoming aware of the systematic rape and sexual assault epidemic throughout our Armed Forces!!    

Being deliberately put in harm's way for that amount of time, I could've easily become a Rape Statistic.... I’m lucky I survive it!!  During my horrific ordeal, the crew openly tormented me with racial slurs and other forms of bigotry, even after my selection to Lt. Commander.  I failed to mention that I was a senior Department Head at the time, but those white boys didn't care!!  I devoted an entire chapter in my memoir, Broken Silence, a Military Whistleblower’s Fight for Justice, to walk the reader through my experience. But pages in a book doesn’t begin to express what my life was like, “Being a Black Women in a White Man’s Navy.” 

I'm looking forward to working on my movie project to show the world what it’s really like working behind the military’s iron curtain!!

After getting to know other victims of the military’s injustice system, especially the survived rape victims, I've concluded that senior Pentagon officials will deliberately put us in harm's way whenever we complain or ask for gender or racial equality!!  

I’m not sure if Navy officials were deliberately trying to test my resolve or was setting me up for failure throughout my officer career, either way, I learned a lot with each experience and it made me a much stronger officer; which is why I felt brave enough to challenge the Navy’s highest office when I first reported evidence of “Fraud, Contract Bid-rigging, Revolving Door Practices, Abuse of Authority, Civil Rights and Human Rights violations, the list goes on!!”

In an April ruling on my Civil Action lawsuit against Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, Judge Rosemary Collyer ruled that I was in fact a Military Whistleblower when I was charged and later convicted of Adultery. 

During this bizarre sex scandal, I was single and the married husband was never charged and was allowed to retire!!   After my story went viral, the Pentagon justified their actions to prosecute me and not the “married officer” supposedly because I was the “Senior Officer” and should be held to a higher standard.  Can you say, General David Petraeus?!   

From the beginning, my case was never about whether or not I'd slept with another woman's husband, it was about keeping me quiet so Navy officials could continue to profit from a rigged defense contract.  Can you say, Fat Leonard!!  They also needed to cover up their violations of my Civil and Human Rights.

In the later chapters of my memoir, I outline their corruption, including details of the Qui Tam lawsuit I filed with the Department of Justice Anti-trust Division, which ultimately led to my separation in July 2009.  This came about after the Pentagon became aware that I’d contacted a federal agency outside the military’s justice system to report fraud against the government.

In Judge Collyer's final ruling, she remanded my case back to the Navy for yet  another "legal review," to determine whether I should have been granted  protection under the Military Whistleblower's Protection Act when I first reported my former bosses fraudulent actions to the Navy's Inspector General, Dave Brownell.    Again, I was forced to sue the Navy's Secretary to be reinstated as a Lt. Commander and be allowed to retire in grade, or above, receive all back pay and allowances and that my record be expunged. I will also seek damages for Human Rights violations.  

In defense of Secretary Mabus, the Justice Department initially argued that the United States District Court for the District of Columbia did not have jurisdiction over the military, as if they operate in a vacuum, to be allowed to manage and supervise themselves?!!  Here lies the problem!!

They later argued that senior legal officials charged with investigating and prosecuting my case, had “misinterpreted the law?!!”  Keep in mind, these were members of the Navy's prestigious Judge Advocate General (JAG) community.   Yet I still spent 45 days in prison, fined $9,600, was kicked out without my hard-earned pension, labeled a “Convicted Felon” and endured egregious Human Rights violations and irrefutable harm!!  

As you can see based upon my horrific experience, the Pentagon has WAY TOO MUCH POWER already!!  Before mandating that our young girls be put in harm's way, ensure their Human Rights will be protected first!! 

For those of us that served on active duty, especially someone like myself as both enlisted and officer, you are fully aware that "YOU HAVE NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS," while serving in the US military.  Should you step out of line, report your bosses for war profiteering, or attempt to report Rape, Sexual Assault or any other crime committed against you, YOU WILL BE PUNISHED!! 

I was sentence to serve time in prison for reporting my bosses’ involvement in: Defense contract bid-rigging, revolving door practices, misuse of war funds, retaliation, sexual and racial discrimination and a laundry list of other fraud against the government."  I guess they figured no one would believe a "Convicted Felon?!"

Again, Here lies another problem!!

Men are in charge of our military and they WILL NOT uphold our young ladies Civil or Human Rights, which they have made perfectly clear with the ongoing rape, sexual assault, discrimination and retaliation cases. 

Again, instead of putting our young girls in harm’s way, why not pass legislation to PROTECT THEIR CIVIL AND HUMAN RIGHTS FIRST, before entertaining the ludicrous notion of a draft.

If this is how our female senators would rather score a Win for themselves, by using our female veterans as pawns, this is NOT THE WAY ahead!!

It's one thing to allow men to attack our Human Rights with ongoing debates over abortion, planned parenthood, etc. but to take up quotas to get a few women through Army Ranger School, to "test the waters" so females can serve in combat roles, is not going to erase the fact that men belong on the front line of defense, not ‘Hard Charging’ women or Transgenders!!

Furthermore, “Are you prepared to bury thousands of dead female Soldiers and Marines?!!”  Simply imagine the above image as your Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Cousin or a neighbor, or a relative of a colleague or friend.  This is the Ugly Truth of War!!!   Furthermore, our women serving on the frontline in Combat roles is as ridiculous as this!!!  Serving our country should remain a Choice for women, not a mandatory requirement!!  

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