Saturday, May 28, 2016

Thought for the day...

Dawning of a New Day
© 2009 Sy’needa Penland

Up against a mountain,
I stand tall.
I’ve weathered the storm,
I fought them all.

They gathered their armies
and slandered my name,
forcing me into hiding
to avoid any shame.

I’ve suffered pain and agony
while living in fear;
running and hiding
the closer they drew near.

Tired of feeling helpless
from not submitting to Da’ Man,
I got down on my knees
and prayed to the LORD for His plan.

I donned GOD’s armor,
preparing for the next battle of war;
still faced with adversity,
I was determined to settle the score.

My enemies stood before me,
their evil words pierced my shield;
I never surrendered to the wickedness
while in the Sorcerer’s field.

I broke away from my silence
and cried out from the mountaintop,
“Demanding PEACEfor this war to stop!”

The arrogance of their egos
forbid them to quit.
To take responsibility for their actions,
they will never admit.

My enemies would rather live in sin
and carry their lies to their grave,
rather than submitting to the LORD
for their souls to be saved.

LORD, this Victory is yours,
I’m forever blessed to have served,
as one of your soldiers
remaining fully committed to your word!

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