Thursday, May 19, 2016

The O'Reilly Factor discusses Campus Reform video, millennials don't tru...

I totally agree with the perspective of the Campus Reform Group, our younger generation should be looking out for the best interest of their future and they should not be pressured to "Jump on the Presidential bandwagon to support any candidate."  

Do your own research and make the best informed decision when you get to the voting booth.  Yet a few years ago there was a certain "Energy" in the air that "directed" voters to Vote for Barack Obama and I affirmed several days before the election that I would NOT vote for him until he does right by military veterans that are being raped and sexually assaulted by fellow service members.  On election day, that "Energy" guided me to the voting booth and of course I voted for Barack?!!  Not of my own free will or choice!!  I guess this was one of the many experiments of CERN!!

My take on this year's election:

Are elections rigged, YES!!!

Has Hillary taken full advantage of her seasoned position, YES!!

Do I support Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, NO!!

Why, Both are too self serving for my blood!!

Who do I support for President, Bernie Sanders!

Why, Because he speaks TRUTH of Corruption, which is what our young millennials should be focused on, a more transparent government which starts from the top down!!

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