Monday, May 23, 2016

One of my latest pieces, I think this image helps to capture the meaning...

Human Dimension
© 2016, Sy’needa Penland

Through the mouth of mankind
buried souls do speak;
Spirits long forgotten
prey upon the meek.

Voices silenced by anger,
misery, hate and pain;
Fueling the energy of Chaos
which drives the mind insane.

Loving Energy of the Divine
intertwined as One,
Collecting wretched souls
to return them to the Sun.

From whence we came
bears no name;
Yet it loves us all the same

Hollow shells,
this life of hell,
leaves a misery
tale to tell.

Cleanse your pain
from whence you came
to remove their evil,
wretched stain!


Anonymous said...

Sy, With so much talk of "Spirituality" throughout your facebook page, what is your belief system?

Syneeda said...

Anon, I'm a believer of all things, but a follower of nothing. I rely on experience and Wisdom to be my teacher and the Great Mother Spirit to be my Guide.