Saturday, May 14, 2016

16 Black West Point Cadets Receive Backlash For Raised Fist Photo

I learned of this image several days after it went viral. I was contacted by a military journalist for a quote.  He also wanted to do another feature story on my Civil Action lawsuit against the Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus. Before I had a chance to look at the picture, he was trying to bias my opinion.  I had to remind him, "I've already walked in these young ladies shoes” when I was forced to endure 20 years of “sexism, racism and retaliation” in the Navy, as both enlisted and as an officer.

I hate giving interviews to white journalists because they never want to hear the TRUTH about my overall situation and they end up slanting my story, just to get ratings and sales.  

Yet you see it all over military tabloids, how violent our senior officials are becoming; especially towards subordinates. I just covered several cases of military rape and sexual assault, committed by senior officers.  And at least 30,000 Vets have come forward to say they were raped or sexually assaulted while serving in the military.  It's the pressure of War, or "lack thereof."

I served side by side military men (majority white) throughout my Navy career and during one particular assignment as a senior officer, I was forced to serve as the only female for an entire year onboard a Warship of 350 personnel.   You can only imagine my horrific experience and of course, I was called every derogatory name from “Nigger to Stupid Black Bitch” and the Civil Rights laws didn’t apply.  The more I complained, the more I was targeted for further abuse.   They even made phone calls in advance of me reporting to a new command assignment, just to pass the whip to their buddies, which is what I think is going to happen to these young ladies once they go their separate ways.  They are now “Prime Targets for Retaliation” because the “Military’s Elite” do not tolerate insubordination; especially from Black Women!

Keep in mind, the military is not like a civilian workplace where the EEOC manages all complaints of Civil Rights violations.  There is only one justice system in the military, the UCMJ, “Uniformed” Code of Military “In-Justice.”  

The public has no idea what goes on behind the military’s Iron Curtain which is why I published a book about my personal  experience, I even talked about how the Army murdered my best friend, a former Major, after she threatened to name a few top colonels and generals that were linked to an Army fraud Investigation.  Like in all cases, they pinned in on a black man who is still in prison.   

I pray that Civil and Human Rights violations in the military is soon addressed before another victim of workplace abuse comes forward, or possibly murdered, and I pray for the safety and well- being of these Brave young Soldiers!!  #JustKeepingItReal

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