Sunday, April 10, 2016

Navy Sexual Assault Office Director, Jill Loftus, Violated Travel Policy

Jill Loftus, center, director of the Department of the Navy’s Sexual Assault Prevention
and Response Office, with Lt. Cmdr. Patrick Lahiff, Chief Legalman James Goza,
 and Lt. Kevin Loughman during her visit to Navy Region Center Singapore. (U.S. Navy)

The Virginian-Pilot reports, "The director of the Navy's sexual assault and prevention office was wrongfully reimbursed more than $7,000 for travel after repeatedly violating government policies, according to a Department of Defense Inspector General report released Monday.
The report says Jill Vines Loftus booked more-expensive flights to Italy, Guam and Spain through an airline on which she earns personal frequent-flier miles when less-expensive flights were available through a government contract. The report also says she stayed in a more-expensive hotel in Bahrain than the contracted local lodging rate, parked in a more-expensive covered parking garage at Dulles International Airport near Washington than was authorized, and failed to submit receipts for about $2,700 in reimbursements she requested.
Loftus travels the world visiting sailors and Marines to review matters concerning sexual assault, prevention and response. She is the first person to hold the job, created by Navy Secretary Ray Mabus in 2009.
She serves as Mabus' principal point of accountability for all sexual-assault policy matters and as the primary resource for expert sexual-assault prevention and response assessment, program support and oversight, according to a Navy biography. Loftus suggested to investigators that a complaint was filed against her in retaliation for the work she does.
Loftus told investigators their initial findings were "inflammatory, insulting, condescending and disingenuous," the report says.
"Am I being targeted due to the sensitive nature of my mission? Have I angered someone because ... I am trying to hold accountable sexual predators in an organization that is predominately male?" Loftus asked.
Government investigators reviewed a sample of 11 of 26 trips taken by Loftus between Feb. 28, 2013, and Nov. 22, 2014. As a result of those findings, the report recommends auditing all official travel Loftus and her staff have taken to determine whether the government is owed money for reimbursements that were improperly granted.
The Navy has not said whether those recommendations were followed. The Defense Department report was dated June 16 and posted online Monday.
Other violations investigators found include renting a more-expensive car in Hawaii than offered by the Defense Travel System and charging the government for excessive fuel expenses and rewards-point transfer fees to her personal account during other trips. Loftus also requested and received reimbursement for business-class rail accommodations from Washington to Trenton, N.J., without authorization, according to the report.
The report says investigators carefully considered Loftus' comments and provided "the broadest consideration with respect to several points she presented in her response."
"We stand by our conclusion that Ms. Loftus failed to conduct (temporary duty) travel in accordance with DoD and other Government standards," the report says.

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Food for thought:  What a lot of traveling for something who has barely made a scratch towards improving the Navy's Sexual Assault Prevention program.  Success in my book is "Prosecution of military sexual predators to the fullest extent of the law, including command officials for failing to provide a workplace FREE of "Sexual Harassment, Assault, Rape and Murder, which are all clear violations of our servicemembers Civil and Human Rights!!"  

Jill Loftus should be FIRED!!!  And the duties of the Navy's (the military as a whole) "Sexual Assault Prevention office" should be turned over to the Secretary of Labor's Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).  This way our servicemembers can finally receive protection under the very Constitution they are risking their lives to protect.  

To ensure this, President Obama needs to hold the Pentagon's top brass accountable once and for all!! 


Anonymous said...

Wow, Jill Vines Loftus, what an arrogant bitch. I recommend everyone read the IG report. It appears to be available by routine Google search or at the DoDIG site. She thinks the findings of the investigation are “inflammatory, insulting, condescending and disingenuous.” Frankly, I think the findings represent proof of federal crimes. What else can you call it when you violate federal regulations?
I agreed with you, why hasn’t she been fired? Why hasn’t Mabus ordered a review of every travel claim. Maybe he’s afraid of what they’ll find.

Anon2 said...

Anon, read the report. Jill Loftus should hang but won't. If Mabus hasn't done anything yet he never will, and he's already announced his retirement. Jill gets a bye because the rules only apply to others. Jill Loftus is a piece of work who can't perform in her job and spends most of her time trying to fleece the tax payers.

Interested Party said...

Looked up the Inspector General report on this Jill Vines Loftus character. It should be required reading. Maybe Jill can book more travel and training so that she can educate Navy and Marine Corps personnel about what not to do on TDY. Not only did Jill claim reimbursement for receipts that she could not produce and no one could verify, she had her "personal" travel points transferred at the expense of the tax payer.
While doing the Google search with Jill's name, a Facebook post popped up. Jill was asking "Why is Mileageplus Shopping site down? Been down for two days"
Yup, that's what Jill does, spends the taxpayers money to get a personal benefit and then complains that the shopping site is down. Oh, and that smiling picture must be a result of United Airlines writing back letting Jill know that the site is up and available for her to use her ill-gotten gains.
"Why is Mileageplus Shopping site down? "Oh, the humanity"...wait, that phrase was uttered by Herbert O. Morrison in reference to the Hindenburg disaster. I suppose it was a terrible thing that Jill couldn't shop. Why hasn't Mabus fired Jill Vines Loftus?

CJ said...

Syneeda, I did a Google search as Anonymous said and found that Jill Loftus is not a stranger to your Blog. I searched "Jill Vines Loftus travel fraud" and got a hit. Her travel abuses were described previously. I've copied that post here:
"Jill Vines Loftus, the Navy SAPRO head who wants to train senior officials out of trouble, fails to comply with POTUS. The president has made it clear that he expects quick action to punish sex offenders in the military. Why is the Navy still wanting to try to train itself out of a problem. But, a better question is: What has Jill Loftus done during her tenure as SAPRO? The excalating assaults shows that she has done nothing except live lavishly on the tax payer, traveling around claiming that she and her entourage are fixing the problem. Nice hotels, all-expense-paid travel, and evenings on-the-town for Jill while the sexual assault crisis grows."
Jill hasn't just made some excessive charges to the taxpayer, she has basically approved her own travel and "special" increases that no one else would be entitled to receive. She might make a case that "her schedule" entitled her to make changes and receive upgrades, but charging the taxpayers for pesonal things, like the transfer of points for her personal use is just like stealing. Theft is a moral turpitude crime. How can Jill be allowed to continue to preach right from wrong when it doesn't apply to her? When will the Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, fire her. If these violations are felonies, and Jill committed the crimes as they pertained to her duties, there have been proposals that such actions would cause the loss of that federal retirement. Fire Jill Loftus and take her pension/retirement!!

Anonymous said...

You all do know that she still works at the pentagon still traveling and still spending the tax dollars. oh and i think she is under the microscope again. Ive totally seen active duty navy people get kicked out for less like the last mcpon. dont seem fair to me.