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       Essence of Black Beauty  © 2012  

            As time has changed
            so have generations of our times,
            leaving intriguing tales
            and mysteries of our past,
            I search for answers, seeking to find…

            I seek to explore the Essence
            which defines the mystery
            of our hidden taboos,
            depicted by false labels and stereotypes;
            shamelessly dictating all that we do.

            Have we allowed these labels to shame us
            from vicious acts exploited in the past?
            Allowing this fear to still haunt us,
            how much longer will it last?

            No one put us on a pedestal
            to be portrayed as delicate and pure;
            instead, curious of the ‘Essence of our Black Beauty’,
            strongly desired by those seeking to endure.

            To fulfill the desires of their fantasies,
            to strip us of all that was once pure.
            Planting a seed to become nameless,
            scarring our souls leaving us shameless
            of brutal acts- never painless!

            This scar, passed on to each generation,
            left never to be discussed yet complete annihilation
            from the history of the heritage of  “African Queens.”

            This heritage, so enriched by the beauty of her land,
            cradled in the essence of her bosom, her jewels
            and all her riches are strongly desired by man.

            No longer will we be haunted
            by the mystery of our hidden taboos,
            which defaces our heritage
            and wrongfully defines what is true.

            For being Black, defines the beauty
            that lies deep within our skin.
            Either at its purest or mixed with other,
            combining such a beautiful  blend.

            To all my sistahs of color,
            “Be proud of who you are!”
            Show the world that you are able
            to lift the taboos, stereotypes
            and many false labels.

            Look in the mirror
            and inhale your beauty.
            Embrace it!
            And say out loud,
            with a wink of an eye of acceptance, say
            “I’m Black!”
            “I’m Beautiful!"
            “I’m Proud!”

       Black Pearls of Wisdom  © 2015

            Deep inside the dark pit of the abyss
            I let out a loud scream, crying out to God
            “Lord, what does all of this really mean?!”

            I’ve traveled the earth
            40 days, 40 nights, 40 years
            since my birth,
            only to experience a re-birth;
            to awaken from a curse.

            My mind, my body, my spirit
            held in captivity,
            I’ve arisen from the pit of hell
            only to discover all the lies
            that’s been told to me.

            I am but a stem, a cell,
            once, twice divided
            from the seeds of Mother Earth;
            two souls intertwined upon my birth.

            Living in one body,
            conjoined at the head;
            one soul represents the living,
            the other the dead.

            At the ripen age of adulthood
            what am I now to believe,
            “The ancient story that humans
            are descendants of only Adam and Eve?”

            The Roman Catholic religion
            dates back for only 2000 years.
            For centuries, their lies
            have been cemented inside our ears.

            Some say wars on religion
            is a sign of Armageddon,
            I say, it’s God’s way of unveiling
            all the secrets that’s been hidden.

            I don’t like to argue my belief
            or disbelief in religion,
            but connected to our minds,
            our bodies and our souls
            is where the truth is really hidden.

            The human heart is magnetically charged
            by God’s spirit, called life.
            God shines his glory, the Sun,
            onto Mother Earth, his wife.

            We are all Star Seeds, human Angels,
            sent here to protect Mother Earth.
            Arriving from the deep abyss
            of God’s Black Heaven,
            far beyond the reaches of man.
            The truth of our existence,
            man has yet to understand.

            Mother Earth has become restless
            from all the chaos caused by man;
            his threats of nuclear war,
            seeking to destroy her precious land.

            As a Firechild,
            I see…
            I hear…
            I feel…
            The echo vibrations of Mother Earth’s cry.
            She’s asking us to worship her in peace,
            before mankind is called forth to die.

            The stories of his sins
            are outlined in his Holy book;
            tales of how man came to destroy himself
            and how long it took.

            His-story is a lesson learned
            that is not to be repeated!
            As Mother Earth
            gets closer to our Father Sun,
            she’ll start to get very heated.

            Her fiery lust for her protector
            is what is really needed
            to bleed out hate from the souls of man,
            leaving the tears of her daughters
            to finally nourish her precious land, again.
            Peace and Love will save us in the end!

Broken Silence,
A Military Whistleblower’s Fight for Justice
© 2015 



My case reveals that prejudice still exists in the U.S. Navy and shows how the proverbial “glass ceiling” keeps minority women from equal protection and promotion opportunities.  Each time I’m asked the question, “Sy’, where do you get your courage and your strength to continue your fight for justice?”  My response is simple, “As a woman of faith and integrity, my strength lies in my DNA.”  I’ve never deemed it necessary to trace the roots of my African and Native American heritage because the Spirit and strength of my ancestors has always been a part of me.  My devoutness, obedience, resilience and perseverance in fighting for what is right, come as naturally to me as breathing our God-given air.         

            Although white men in power have tried to take away the very things that are sacred to us, in hopes of weakening our ability to fight, they have only succeeded in strengthening our resolve.  As depicted by the legacies of African-American women throughout our history, no matter where black women were raised on God’s earth, we have always possessed the natural ability to rise up and fight whenever there is conflict.  Whether to protect the precious land along the ivory coasts of Mother Africa, or to protect our children from the violent streets of some of America’s inner cities, Black women have always been true towers of strength.

            After years of living in silence, I’m no longer weakened by the threat of my aggressor’s malicious cruelties, and I’m wearing God’s armor, which has strengthened my ability to continue my fight for justice.  My devotion and belief in God has given me courage to break free from my silence and finally speak out to give testament to the Lord’s victory.  It is God’s strength, passed on in my DNA, which triumphs over all!


“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” was Dr. King’s belief during his fight for "Justice and Equality."   As we continue to celebrate and honor his legacy, we must also rise to the occasion to carry the torch to preserve the Civil and Human Rights of our future generation, as "Advocates for Justice!" 

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Anonymous said...

Sy, I'm glad you are still holding them accountable. You put your life and career on the line. What Sturges, Mei Ling, Masi and Ward did to you is criminal and they deserve to be locked away in prison! I just finished reading your book and I will encourage other active duty officers to read it as well. Thank you for having the courage to speak out because a majority of us would've turned the blind eye. You are brave.