Friday, February 12, 2016

Civil Rights "Activist??!!" John Lewis Knows on Which Side His Biscuit is Buttered

I totally agree with her comments and I'm deeply appalled at the hypocrisy of certain key members of the Congressional Black Caucus.  

Since Dr. King's tragic and untimely death, they've yet to get KEY legislation passed through Congress, for instance a Human Rights Bill, which will address over 90% of America's real issues, across all races, much less the ill treatment against our Military Veteran community, both on and off active duty.  

The Atlanta VA hospital, which is located in Congressman Lewis', district has an enormous backlog of compensation claims, countless complaints, high turnover of its medical staff and a laundry list of other major problems.   Yet the Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, see fit to sign off on a lucrative defense contract to name a fleet of "Oilers"  after American Civil Rights Activist, most recently Congressman John Lewis, who never served a day in the military.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, left, talks with Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., during a ceremony on Capitol Hill in Washington on Wednesday to announce that the next generation of fleet replenishment oilers will be named the USNS John Lewis, after the civil rights movement leader and Georgia's 5th District representative.(Photo: Jacquelyn Martin/AP)

So if the Secretary Mabus is being so generous with his support of the African American Civil Rights Movement, then why continue to deny me my hard earned retirement pension?!!

Syneeda Lynn Penland    v.   Raymond Edwin Mabus, Jr., 
Civil Action No. 2013-1465 (D.C. 2015)

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