Monday, February 8, 2016

America's National Debt and How its Linked to Military Fraud

After watching our National Debt counter rise by the millisecond, I couldn't help but wonder how bleak our children's future is going to be over the next decade.     :(     

During the 13 years I served as a Navy budget officer,  I witnessed systemic fraud being committed by senior officers.  By the time I reported to my last duty assignment I'd seen enough and ultimately decided to put my life and career on the line to investigate and officially report to the Department of Defense, Inspector General and Department of Justice, Anti-Trust Division (via a Qui Tam lawsuit), thousands of official documents to substantiate my investigation of their criminal activity.  

Those involved in the notorious "Fat Leonard" investigation are not the only ones committing fraud against the government!!

What I uncovered was not only criminal, it was intentional!! 

Nowadays in the defense industry, greed has no limitations!!   Which is evident throughout our defense agencies, "defense contracting services" spewing throughout Capitol Hill.  Providing a new breeding ground for  unscrupulous retired officers.  Affording them the opportunity to  "double dip" from the defense slush fund, depending on their age “triple dip”, if they are eligible to draw social security, and/or veteran's benefits. 

Meanwhile, since my discharge from the Navy, I’ve become receptive to the voices of America's working class, where hundreds of thousands of families are struggling to make ends meet and can barely feed their families, much less pay for basic education beyond high school.  Yes, our educational system is systemically designed to cater to the country’s Class Warfare, and elite.  I digress….

As a military budget officer, when you are told, "You will not be allocated the same annual budget next year, unless you spend just as much money this year," greed will reinvent itself ever time. And unscrupulous military officers will find clever ways to steal from the pockets our hard working citizens.  Which is what my memoir "Broken Silence, A Military Whistleblower's Fight For Justice" is about:  "Senior Navy officers colluding  with a Prime Vendor logistics services company (bid rigging a defense contract) to provide a multitude of logistics contracting services, along with coordinating their  "post government employment."

The rigged contract that I highlight in my memoir, had no "oversight" by the Pentagon's (NAVSEA) Core official, who was getting cancer treatment at the time the "rigged contract” was approved by a former Pentagon program manager, who worked for the CNO's office, and was rehired by the logistics services company as a senior consultant advisor while in a terminal leave status, prior to his official retirement.  

But he was not the only one defrauding our taxpayers!!  

There were a number of Supply officers and Surface Warfare officers colluding with the executive staff and CEO (a retired Supply Officer of the Veteran's Own, logistics services company) to ensure the approval of the multi-logistics services contract. Which was later called a "Merger", or amendment to a pre-existing contract.

During the nearly 3-year negotiation, key military staff members were able to secure a lucrative position within the company, of course at a "hefty price!!"  

Since the approval of the contract, the company has managed to increase its annual million dollar revenue to a multi-billion dollar industry.    Talk about a major contributor to our national debt!!!

Keys to a Successful
Post Military Employment
Retirement Plan

And, “How to get away with it!!"

 While in an active duty status!!
Ø       Identify a foreseeable need or “deficiency”...    Keep it a Secret!

Ø      Canvas resources.   Recruit…   Recruit…  Recruit…

Ø   Routinely network with contractors and/or retired or active duty officers to “pitch your idea” (in confidence of course) to see who's on-board with your plan.  The informal interview is to also ensure the potential candidate(s) possess the right qualifications, experience, etc. to fulfill the requirements of the “deficiency.”  The “deficiency” should align with the Pentagon’s evolving War initiatives.  

Ø  Create the need” by over amplifying the “deficiency” in your operational reports to the Pentagon.  This will allow “your idea” to be included in the Pentagon’s future operational objectives.  Ensure you are in a position of influence.   Typically the best position of influence is that of the Commanding Officer (Unit Commander) or Operational Program Manager, depending on the mission at the time.

Ø    Endorse “your idea” (with the cooperation of the Comptroller or Budget Officer of course) and present the contract bid proposals to the Pentagon's Approving Officials.  Make sure you include within the bid proposal package, your new position (typically consultant advisor), lucrative annual salary and all the other bennies your greedy heart desires!!

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