Friday, January 22, 2016


"If I was a Supporter of politics, I would PROUDLY support Senator Bernie Sanders!!!      Hands Down!!! 

As a "Tried and Proven" long-term Statesman, Bernie passionately cares about America's future, especially  the preservation of our next generation."

Food for thought:  
This debate is beyond "telling" and it makes me nervous!!!  


Anonymous said...

Sy'needa is this an official endorsement for Bernie Sanders? If so, you never seem to amaze me kiddo ;)

Sanders unfortunately have a poor track record for challenging Civil Rights and equality issues in the military, just look at how long your case has gone unresolved.

Yet Hillary and her band of lesbian Senators managed to bully the Pentagon into allowing women to serve on the front line, the absolute wrong thing to do! But when you get the testosterone pumping on Capitol Hill, you never know who’s really in charge.

Neither of these two has earned my vote and I think O’Malley will declare Martial Law. Don’t let that handsome face fool you, he can't be trusted either!

Syneeda said...

Anon, No!! I'm not endorsing any particular candidate. I must agree, neither of them are strong supporters of Civil Rights "equality" for active duty veterans and my "ongoing" case proves that. I don't trust politicians, they are too self-serving for my blood.