Wednesday, January 27, 2016

President Obama takes part in Baton Rouge, La. town hall

I'm proud that Roland Martin is vehemently addressing the President's response surrounding the issue of HBCUs.  I was surprised at the President's response.   He's usually not at a loss for words?!!   While tiptoeing around the young man's question, he couldn't keep a straight face?!!  WOW?!!

Let's be honest...  HBCU's are designed to cater to "Black Heritage" and their founders, which doesn't transition well in a fast moving, technology driven workplace. When I served as an officer in the Navy, white officers, mainly Naval Academy graduates, would discriminate against black officers who graduated from HBCUs, oftentimes referring to their accomplishment as a "Cracker Jack" diploma or "Lemon" degree. WoW.... 

Yet I can only imagine what our young graduates are facing out in the "Real World."

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