Friday, January 1, 2016

My first poem of the New Year is dedicated to the lifetime achievement of Natalie Cole, You are truly UNFORGETTABLE

© 2016  Sy’needa Penland

Another year has come and gone
As I sit here to write this poem
To reflect upon those we mourn
Even as recent as twice yesterday.

When I read the caption,
“Natalie Cole has died”
Tears began to well in my eyes,
The words that came to me,
Angelic was her voice
As she sang with grace and dignity.

Another headline that came to soon
Mr. Bill Cosby is still in the news?
What the hell is really going on?
As I struggle to focus to write this poem.

So why should this phase me,
Why should I get caught up in his misery?
But as a veteran of the stage - not even his old age
Can save him now, as he surrenders his throne to take a bow.

What has become of this country I call home?
My place of origin, where I was originally born.
Now I look around at many strangers,
Foreigners from land I’ve seen,
Their pain and suffering, such misery.

As we enter into the year of 2016,
I shall reflect back on all I’ve scene
For I should begin a new journey
As I scribe once again a sequel to my story.

Coming Full Circle, a poem I once wrote,
Scribing the energy of words my father spoke.
As if knowing what words will be spoken
As we bid him farewell he left a token.

Blessing me with gifts
To fill my treasure chest,
His Spirit watches over me,
To ensure I’ll do my very best.

UNFORGOTTABLE father is what you are to me,

Please join hands with the Elders as they welcome home, Natalie!

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