Tuesday, January 19, 2016

LovEvolution Love Spell

LovEvolution Love Spell
© 2016  Sy’needa Penland

All you need are 7 candles, representing each chakra;
8 healing crystals (make sure one is a quartz crystal)
and a combination of 528 HZ and 741 HZ meditation music.

Form a 4x4 radius circle, alternating the 7 candles
and 7 crystals, place the quartz crystal in the center of the circle.

Sit as comfortable and relaxed in the center of the circle
for 8-10 minutes, while listening to both HZ tones,
this is to draw your yin and yang energies together.

Repeat the following…

Oh’ Universal Divine Energy,
I call upon your eyes to see.
Come forth,
Erase away our pain,
Suffering and misery.
Fill our hearts with love once more,
Let Peace, Love and Unity be restored.
Forgive us of our daily sins
As a new Era of LovEvolution begins.
Allow Hate, Greed and Prejudice be no more,
Peace, Love and Unity is now restored.
And so shall it be.

This spell is most effective on a Full Moon

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Syneeda, Wow, this is different from your usual style, did you write this yourself?

Be it prayer, spells, thoughts, meditation, rituals, etc. our entire human colonization need to come to a unified agreement to establish global peace. Beginning with accepting the notion of "Loving thy brother/sister and thy neighbor."

Yes, Love is the answer but humans don't fully grasps the true meaning of Love, independent of Valentine's Day or any other "celebration" or ritual, because it's so embedded in corporate capitalism, including religion.

On a global scale, throughout history, humans have been conditioned by a higher authority; King, Dictator, President, etc. to hate your enemy first and love your evil demise towards your enemy. This is evident in the Western world, from the sporting and entertainment industry, educational systems, politics and most of all gender and race. The cancer of hate has become so infectious, it's almost incurable.

Keep doing your service to humanity, be it your prior military service, your advocacy and your poetry, which is what I find most intriguing about you. It's both mesmerizing and seductive.

I'm looking forward to your next release and a public appearance, it's long overdue.