Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Earthquakes Shake the Pacific....With more Seismic Activity in the Wake....

It appears that the high vibrational frequencies I've been feeling since the rising of Leo's Full Moon are remnants of our Beloved Mother Earth cleansing herself. Along with the Energy from the Planetary Alignments, to assists with balancing Earth's energy.

As a natural gifted empath (Cancer Zodiac) I prefer to scribe my experience in poetry verse when she allows me to feel her true essence.  Yet I must agree with this guy, Earthquakes can be predicted because Great Mother Earth's Energy can be felt all around us!!  Just ask the Native Indigenous people, which is part of my lineage. 

Until there is Peace and Harmony (Unity) above her Waters, she will continue on this path of cleansing below. Until she's fully rested, we must generate Loving, Peaceful and Harmonic Energy above, to calm her seas because I'm getting tired of lending my energy towards soothing her restless soul.   I'm just saying.... Yet I will never abandon my duty to our Great Mother, or the Preservation of Humanity.

As Above,
So below,
Peace on Earth
I shall bestow.
Heal dear Mother
Once again,
Forgive us All
Of our Sins.
Peace on Earth
We shall restore;
Let there be Love
In our Hearts
Once More!!

…..And So Shall it Be!

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