Sunday, December 27, 2015

"PORNGATE" email scandal roils Pennsylvania politics and a recent Washington Post article reads like an episode of the TV series "The Good Wife"

As if reports of government scandals involving: “Nudity, Rape, Sexual Assault, Racism, Discrimination, Judicial Misconduct , Corruption and a naive sense of ‘White Privilege’ ” couldn’t bring any more shame to America’s judicial system.  I’m sure the abuse of “Judicial Privilege” isn’t just taking place in the state of Pennsylvania, but throughout the country.  My heart goes out to the victims’ and their families for such callous and immoral behavior of such insensitive human beings whose salaries are being paid by our taxpayers!! 

I’ve personally been on the receiving end of blatant judicial misconduct involving circulation of nude pictures, emailed to a number of senior officials within the military’s justice system.  Because the Department of Justice would rather follow suit in turning a blind eye to the enormous amount of fraud that is being committed against the government (taxpayers), to focus solely on nude pictures makes me wonder if they “get off” on looking at nude pictures?!!  Really?!!  

Earlier this year, I was forced to release a “Tell-All” memoir about how I became the target of one of the most scandalous adultery cases within the Department of the Navy, which has managed to stay off the public’s radar; simply because I respected the judicial process in this country, until now.  This article sickens me!!

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