Friday, December 11, 2015

Lovelution is the Solution to Bring about Peace, my thought for the day...

Lovelution is the Key
©  2015  Syneeda Penland

Let those who have ears hear
Let those who have eyes see,
Let those who are of righteousness Spirit
Receive God’s loving energy.

Lovelution is the solution
To bring about Peace.
Unity and harmony
Is what this world needs.

We’ve arrived to the solution
To embrace our Lovelution,
Not the path of revolution.
There is no confusion,
To Love.

Can Love bring about positive change?
Can Love allow us to remain the same?
Can Love cleanse our tattered hearts?
Can Love give us a fresh start?

Is Love the right solution?
Is Love the cause of our confusion?
Do we need a Revolution,
To bring about Lovelution?!

I don’t know what your ears hear,
I don’t know what your eyes see
But what I do know is...
Love is the Key.

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