Thursday, December 17, 2015

America, She Bares Her Shame... My thought for the day...

America, She Bares Her Shame
©  2015  Sy’needa Penland

Are your eyes so blind
You cannot see,
The many lies told 
of her history.

As time propels
Energies rebel
Against untold truths
Of your misery.

It’s all the same,
Paraded in her Flag
Where she bears her shame.

Her many stars and stripes
Of blood she’s shed,
Loss souls, long forgotten;
Risen from the dead.

Their Hate…
Your Hate…
It’s all the same!
Her soiled earth,
Raped and maimed.

Graves go unmarked
As Spirits wonder in the dark,
Chasing hollow souls
To ignite their spark.

Lighting the path
Through dimensions of time,
Intertwined as One
With the Heavenly Divine.

Settling old scores
Another year
Once more,
Feeding the energy
Of chaos,
As she prepares for War.

Boiling hot, her core
Spewing her pain,
Surviving centuries of chaos
To remove her stain. 


Anonymous said...

Sy'needa I think you've found your true calling, your poetry is truly insightful and the world is waiting for you. Good luck on your case and I'm looking forward to welcoming you to the literary community. God bless you and yours this Christmas season.

Syneeda said...

Thanks anon, I'm thankful for my many gifts and I'm looking forward to releasing my 3rd poetry book soon. These are just a few of many I've written lately. They keep flowing out of me.