Monday, November 30, 2015

Womb of Love, my thought of the day

Womb of Love

©  2015 Syneeda Penland

I bore the seed of mankind
Yet his eyes are blind to see,
Why all these centuries
My wrath survived thee.

Protector of your soul,
My wrath is surely bold
Yet the truth of my existence
Remain a mystery.

Close your eyes dear child
Let your senses draw me near,
For it is not my wrath
Your wretched soul should fear.

For I gave you breathe
When I delivered you into the light,
Protected within my Womb of Love
My energy gives you sight.

Trapped within the womb of hate,
You seek to destroy
What you create.
You birth new seeds
To erase my history,
Yet I still remain a mystery.

As I reconnect my Spirit
To mend your broken heart,
May the energy of hate
Never again tear us apart.


Unknown said...

Whether the seeds of love or the seeds of hate are born in to the world, Nature will endure and adapt. The seeds will live in the light or rage against the dying of the light, but eventually fade back in to Nature, and Nature shall prevail, then, as before, bore her seeds again.

Syneeda said...

I totally agree.