Tuesday, November 3, 2015

“Fox-News Face Off ” Correspondent Refers To Spring Valley High Student As “No Innocent Little Lamb

Fox Face Off -- "While many have taken sides in the heated racial debate spawned from the Spring Valley High video, Fox News invited political consultant Angela Box and activist Quannel X to debate the issue on their weekly segment Fox Face Off.

Box agrees that cop used excessive force, but doesn’t think he should’ve lost his job for “doing his job.” Speaking as a former teacher, Box claims the 16 year old’s refusal to put her phone away and failure to leave the class when asked caused a disruption and prohibited others from learning.

“I think it’s high time we start addressing the root cause of this,”Box said. “The disrespecting of teachers, this Black Lives Matter movement, this perpetual chip on your shoulder that’s against everybody not like yourself. It’s got to stop, we’ve got to address the culture.”

Quannel X, a regular on the show and the leader of the New Black Panther Party in Texas, agreed with Box and said a disruptive student isn’t supported in any classroom, but the violent manner with how resource officer Ben Fields removed the student was inappropriate.

“What I do have a problem with is men should never deal and handle a woman the way the cop handled that little girl.”

Things between the two correspondents then escalated and became quite heated. Watch the three minute debate below."

Watch video: http://www.vibe.com/2015/11/fox-faceoff-spring-valley-high-2015/

Food for thought:  

What has become of America's Culture, is the Question of the Day!! 

I don’t waste my energy on watching debates such as these because I know they are designed to stir our emotions, to serve a higher agenda, which has become apparent of the culture we live in today. 

How can we (American culture) move forward in becoming a United Nation, if we allow the media to fuel our emotions with “half” truths?  Because this is an ongoing investigation there are key parts of the "assault" video that has not been seen, meanwhile, “social media” is doing exactly what it  is designed to do, “measure” people’s emotions, to determine “potential” threat levels.   


I have a niece who is 17 years old and she is now sitting in an adult detention center because of unruly behavior at school and at home.  I tried to help her channel her “emotions and aggression” a few years ago but she sought to challenge nearly every adult in my family and took her aggression to the classroom.  It wasn’t until her guardian looked at 30 minutes of recorded video footage of her unruly behavior and decided “enough is enough!!”  My niece had communicated threats to the teacher as well as her family, which is when she should have been mentally evaluated.   Because of her high aptitude scores the school kept giving her second chances.  Eventually she dropped out of school, violated her juvenile probation and assaulted several “male” police officers when they attempted to arrest her.

My niece is not alone.  As we transition into yet another generational “culture”, WE, the elders, need to be more involved in our children’s lives and it begins at home and in our communities.   Schools are designed to be an “institution” of learning, not a playground for our children to “act out or show off.”  I’ve been on both sides of the fence.  From 1st to 8th grade, by school design, I was assigned to a nearly “all black” classroom and the kids were highly disruptive, which interfered with my learning.  Once we were “tested”, I was reassigned to an all-white class and my grades improved significantly to becoming a straight “A” student, much like my niece.  But Because of her weight, she was bullied and eventually she became the bully.  She also felt insecure because of peer pressure, not having as much money as her “privileged” white classmates, who constantly reminded her of that.

Our communities are in dire need of “special attention” and it will require the work of compassionate people who care about the lives of our children, and the lives of everyone else.  Be it, white, black, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Asian, it doesn’t matter!!  America’s culture is OUR culture and the days of “black and white” society are long gone!!! 

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