Saturday, October 24, 2015

Thought of the Day...

For several years, I've been providing advocacy support to several Navy officers who reached out to me after experiencing whistleblower retaliation while serving on active duty.  Their complaints stemmed from blatant discrimination within the Navy's Nurse Corps and Aviation community.  Dana, Steve and Lenora have since retired from the Navy and are working towards rebuilding their lives after surviving such a horrific ordeal.  Like with all bad experiences, they are coping one day at a time.  Yesterday I was blessed to meet Dana for the first time and our souls immediately connected.  To see the flame in her eyes from the passion that fuels her soul and her fight for what is right, confirmed that she is a true pillar of strength!!  

I'm proud to have inspired Dana, Steve and Lenora to “Not give up their  fight for "Justice!” 

We are not alone!!  

There are thousands of military Veterans who suffer from abuse of authority everyday, and they are constantly being exposed to unsafe working environments, at home and abroad. There is no "just" legal system to protect Veterans from such infractions, meanwhile, senior military officials turn a blind eye to protect their livelihood and their own careers.  That is not a character of a true leader, more less the character of a tyrant!!  

LT (Ret) Dana Street, 

LCDR (Ret) Steve Crowston, 

CDR ( Ret)  Lenora Langlais, 

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