Wednesday, September 30, 2015

GLOBE Magazine Reports: Hillary Clinton Confesses, "I'm a Lesbian"

After 40 years in a sham marriage, Hillary Clinton has confessed, “I am a lesbian.” Her shocking admission is contained in a series of secret e-mails the presidential candidate desperately tried to erase from her personal computer server. But the messages are about to be recovered and made public, GLOBE has learned. So Hillary is turning to her pal, Ellen DeGeneres, for help. If her poll numbers sink lower, advisors will push her to discuss “her sexuality in a special sit-down interview with Ellen." Get the full GLOBE exclusive in the latest issue, on newsstands today!



Ashley said...

yeah, after her husband and the bj, i`m also an lesbian and i`m proud of it! this article is for those who are scared!enjoy

Syneeda said...

Ashley, The Holy Spirit, Mother God, gives us 99.9% free will, the rest is Spiritually interconnected with all living things. I'm happy to hear that you are living YOUR life the way YOU choose to live it, independent of others! It's called being a Free Spirit :) I don't follow man's biblical scriptures, I view them as a tool used to govern and control people's minds. When it comes to matters of the heart, no amount of words or biblical "teachings" can stop twin souls from mating! I support LOVE, be it heterosexual or homosexual relations, it's all the same to me because mating is an expression of LOVE.