Monday, August 31, 2015

Saturday’s book signing for my memoir “Broken Silence, A Military Whistleblower’s Fight for Justice” was a memorable event!

I want to thank all my friends who came out to support my debut book signing of my memoir, Broken Silence, thanks again for your support!  Reuniting with my Holland shipmates, after nearly 25 years  made the event unforgettable, Koshina and Dianna brought tears to my eyes!!

A special thanks to the staff at Barnes and Noble Mall of Georgia for their professional hospitality for hosting such an amazing event.  Thanks again, Melissa and Kim!!   A warm thanks to my lifelong friend who is an amazingly gifted artist, Carla, of Carla’s M. Johnson Photography.  Her work is phenomenal and I’m looking forward to working with Carla again in the near future!!   

To see more of her amazing work visit:

Presenting, Broken Silence,
A Military Whistleblower's Fight for Justice

Signing my first autograph

Thanking Kathleen for her support

With Buford's own, Katheen Fortson, a dear family friend

Reuniting with Koshina Lane after nearly 25 years.

With Koshina and her family, and Dianna

Discussing details of my military experience

With former Navy Lt. Commander, Dr. Zaykeeah Robertson

My dear friend Rose and former shipmate

With my dear friends Carla and Rose

Debut Book Signing, Barnes and Noble Mall of Georgia,
August 29, 2015

Closing the First Chapter of my life!!

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Anonymous said...

Ma'am I salute you!! You look absolutely beautiful. Bravo Zulu for a job well done!