Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Guardian reports: The accidental mentor: why we should all help other women climb the ladder...

It’s a myth that women don’t help other women: mentoring and sponsoring play a huge role in the modern workplace
Despite recent reports to the contrary, the myth of the queen bee who fails to help other women in the workplace continues to resurface. I’ve had no experience of other women, or indeed men, “doing me wrong” at work. It always pains me to hear internalised misogyny and complaints about women not being good leaders or managers. Sure, I’ve experienced dreadful bosses, most of them men, some of them women, but it’s a people thing, not a woman thing. People can be wholly unsupportive and difficult to work for, no matter who they are.
In reality, far from being in it just for themselves, a huge number of successful women are helping other women climb the career ladder. Mentoring and sponsoring are the buzzwords of modern business.
There’s a distinction to be made here: a mentor encourages and supports someone in their existing role, whereas a sponsor bigs them up to others.
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